Question about the release of Batman: The Animated Series on Blu Ray


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So I have been waiting for a long time for this, and I finally heard a couple of years ago that they might be releasing it on blu ray and waited on it, instead of just buying the DVDs. But now all of a sudden on blu ray, it seems you can only buy the entire series and not just season to season. Is this true that this is the only option we are every going to get?

It took forever for this to come out on blu ray and we had to wait years finally, but now that we finally got it, we can only buy the entire series and just the individual seasons we like?

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But when it came to releasing the series on DVD back in the 2000s, they had every season on DVD on it's own, individually. So if there was a demand for that on DVD, than why not Blu Ray?

As Yoda said, lack of demand.

Back in 2000, the series was still new-ish, and the DVDs were a new release, so people wanted them... but in 2018 the series is getting close to 30 years old, so there's little demand for the actual series, and also, there's no demand for BluRay (never has been).
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Oh okay. Do you think it's worth buying the entire series on blu ray, and it's that good, with that good of quality, or should I just buy the seasons on DVD individually? As a kid I only remember liking the series up until they combined it with Superman, and then it started to go down hill for me.

So does that mean if I buy the blu rays that that also includes the Batman/Superman ones as well, and therefore I should just buy the seasons I want individually on DVD therefore?

I can't tell you what set to go for as it's really your choice what you go for.
As for what the box set contains (Superman stuff or whatever), you'll need to do some research before buying.

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Well I couldn't find anyone to give specifics on how many episodes are actually in there, besides the more expensive deluxe edition, so I guess I can just order it and hope for the best. Do you think I should wait for 4K, or will they not likely release it on 4K?

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Okay thanks, but that's the deluxe edition. Amazon does not explain what cames in the regular edition last time I checked. Basically the delux edition is a 100 dollars more around, and it seems to come with toys, but I don't want to pay more for toys. However, it doesn't seem to list much about the regular edition though.

Amazon had this for less than $50 so I decided to snatch it up. Haven't seen any of these episodes probably since I watched them on TV when they first came out. Mask of the Phantasm I re/watched about a year ago and loved it and the Mr. Freeze movie was also surprisingly decent.

OT: The Tim Daly Superman is finally getting this treatment later this month.