Burt Reynolds has Died


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Was just going to post this.

Loved him in Boogie Nights and he seemed to love being in Striptease.
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Oh, that's sad. Straight away I thought about his friendship with Clint Eastwood and Eastwood's support for him over his health problems.

I liked Burt. Always thought he was a rather overlooked actor recently.

I'll be watching Smokey and the Bandit today in his honor.
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.He kinda looks like Marlon Brando there.

RIP. He was awesome in Boogie Nights and that naked picture. Also liked his guest appearance on Archer if that was even him and not someone imitating him haha. Otherwise not that familiar with him outside crickets avatars.

The Longest Yard (1974) is my favorite Burt movie: it combined two of my favorite genres - it was one of my favorite sports movies AND one of my favorite prison movies!

I've never seen any of the Smokey and the Bandit movies (I've always just veered away from car chase films).

Recently saw him show up in a bit role in one of the hour-long Twilight Zone episodes (when he was very young, of course).

Put his movie The Longest Yard (1974) in my most recent Top Movies at #20.

Paul Crewe (Burt Reynolds) goes to jail for stealing his girlfriend's maserati, drunken driving, and resisting arrest, and as an Ex-NFL MVP Quarterback, leads a rough and tumble game of football filmed on location at a state jail. Guards vs Prisoners- The Mean Machine.
Good ole-Burt Reynolds time.
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Recently saw him show up in a bit role in one of the hour-long Twilight Zone episodes (when he was very young, of course).
I had to google that, ashamed of myself. It's because it was from Season 4 which i've only seen once since the hour long format didn't fit the show well.

Another thing is when i was a kid i couldn't tell Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck apart, just thought the both of them were Burt Reynolds. Blew my mind when i found out Burt wasn't Magnum PI...or wait was he? Who even knows. Also which one was Richard on Friends? Starting to think fake moustaches are the best camouflage.