Female Beauty We Appreciate


Judy Greer. There’s something about Judy, somehow I always seem to gravitate towards her in when she is in any scene.
I love Judy. Here's a link to a book she recently wrote about being a "co-star":
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

Jeon so-mi

YouTube randomly threw this on my feed the other day, and I obviously watched it multiple times. The girl is gorgeous. And unsurprisingly I did my research. So she is part Korean and part Canadian.

Finished watching the first series of Thou Shalt Not Kill. Really, it's worth your time.

Laura Locatelli
5-time MoFo Award winner.

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I didn't even notice when this thread went downhill. Oh yeah, that's cuz I wasn't here. Anyway, time to get back to once again show you guys what real beauty is (figures it's not only movie taste you fail at).

Also, lol at those of you who still swoon over Japanese schoolgirls in 2019. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the Chinese is where things are really at in 2019.

Veronica Yip (Forget your Sharon Stones, this is the real 90s sex star)

Panpanyijiu (Chose the safest pics, and had to do some censorship, cuz I don't want my ass banned. A friendly warning: once you see her lewder pics in full, she'll make you her bitch)

Anna May Wong (Something for you older users out there, cuz I know the age average here is like 72. Also, keep your Greta Garbo pics to yourself)

Li Gong (You wish your girlfriend was half as hot. Also, Brie's just an inch from getting all over Li)

Shu Qi (Sadly, the "Shu Qi and her pussy" pic was not really what I wanted, but it's still cuter than your Scat Johansson fap folder. I get it, you all know her only from Hou's The Assassin, eh, who are we kidding, you don't know her at all. Anyway, her real peak was in Sex and Zen II when she grew a demon penis and decided to end the world by ejaculating in another girl. That's what real entertainment is. Think about it next time you put on Star Wars or whatever kids watch for fun nowadays)

Of course, there are the Joey Wongs, Faye Wongs, Maggie Cheungs and Brigitte Lins, but you're probably in a deep cultural shock already, so I'll leave it at that.
In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.

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@SeeingisBelieving Don't get me wrong, Gong Li is dreamlike and all, but her facial features are exactly what would appeal to a typical Western appreciator of female beauty who discovered Asian women two months ago.

I think y'alls struggle to appreciate female beauty is inadequate. Stop looking at Asian girls through the prism of dubious sex exoticism, and try to see their real value just like you look at Renaissance art. I know you don't, but at least pretend you do.