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I work part-time at a local magazine managing their website, creating adverts and helping design their magazine.

The person responsible for their one-page film and TV section left, so I offered to take over the section to help the boss. He's more than happy for me to do what I want but I try to keep at least the film section relevant to the mainstream for our audience

Might as well share what we print in here, two so far...


Yeah buddy!!!! Love seeing all the stuff you're doing Dan.

Phew, looks like I took the right option of not deleting this as Sarah Harris Entertainments spam

Glad you're keeping busy Daniel.
NomsPre-1930 Countdown

terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

Thanks, everyone. The boss is pretty chill about what I write about so I've gone for something a bit different for next month's mag. I've swapped out a film review for a small piece about some of my favourite horror films and the TV column is about "Welcome to Wrexham". I'll get it shared once we've gone to print.

This month I talk about the "ten best films of all time" in preparation for the much-anticipated Sight & Sound poll coming out in a few days' time, and take a look at one of my favourite TV shows that I've just finished rewatching.