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Child is bullied by school teacher/principal


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Hello! I need help with this movie:

A family (composed by mother, father and son) move to a new town. They are poor or lower middle class. At his new school, the child suffers physical and psychological abuse from the teacher (or principal, I don't know). However, the teacher accuses the father of the abuses.

The teacher blackmails all the school staff, including the math teacher. This math teacher (not sure if math, actually) eventually becomes a family's friend. He even goes to family party.

At the end, the evil teacher is humiliating the child in front of his classmates. The teacher suffers a sudden heart attack and dies. After that, the child tells his female friend that it is his fault that the teacher died, as he wished the death.

The actors are Caucasian. I think they are European.

That is all I remember! Thanks in advance.

That is right! I am JRGK's sibling, I watched the movie with him. We were both puzzled. I think JRGK will be here soon to say thank you!
Hmmm. Something seems sketchy. Oh wait, never mind. Here he is now.

"Ohhhh, sank you berry mush for unlocking my puzzle question. You like kees?"

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Thank you very much!!! You're right. It's that movie. It was my sister who recommended this forum, because she had already discovered the names of other movies that she couldn't remember.