Paramount's Return to Form


In terms of purely box office, 2022 was the year of Paramount. I am not saying it made more dough than, say, Universal or Disney, or someplace else, but I really felt like Paramount was about ready to kill over in recent years.

In 2017, they had a really awful, awful year. They released Baywatch, Monster Trucks, Ghost in the Shell, and Rings, and they saw their cash-cow Transformers see a fall from favor that it hasn't yet recovered from (Bumblebee righted the ship critically, however). Those were all big, expensive losses for them. I fully expected after that year I'd read an article someday that Universal or Disney, or somebody else, bought them. Thereafter, too, other series' they tried to reignite like Terminator all fell flat.

2022 though, they really kicked ass in terms of critical and financial success. They reignited the Scream franchise in January (a month notorious for box office mediocrity). They built on the success of Sonic the Hedgehog with an even more successful sequel. They had breakout success with the horror film Smile, and then, most of all, they had the most successful film domestically last year with Top Gun: Maverick.

In general, although I never particularly root for one major studio one way or the other, choosing instead to care for the major success of smaller companies and / or the success of films I enjoy, I see a major benefit in having as many successful companies as we can, rather than a Disney playhouse-shaped monopoly.

2023 is a majorly important year for them. They will have another crack at the Transformers series. They will see whether Scream has legs as a continued franchise. Meanwhile, Mission Impossible sees a new installment, which could capitalize on Top Guns' success, whereas Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will have a new crack at a new franchise.

Would you say it's of...

...tantamount importance? wait no I messed it up damn it.

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Great show. RIP.
it sucks that alot of shows getting cancelled espcially the good ones

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Paramount Studios is the last of the big 5 movie studios still left in Hollywood (Melrose Ave.). I've always loved Paramount, starting with The War of the Worlds (1953), The Godfather (1972), up through the present day.