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Victim of The Night
I like The Nice Guys quite a bit, not sure why it didn't even occur to me for this ballot but it didn't. Another movie that's funny yet somehow I don't really think of it as a comedy. I'm probably wrong in this case.
The Hangover is a movie I can probably just do without. Just not my thing.


It's no Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but I thought The Hangover was fun only the first time I saw it.
Kind of a light version of Very Bad Things and Smokin' Aces. Its popularity isn't good for the re-watchibility of the film/jokes imo. Same Goes for American Pie.

Watch-listed: The Nice Guys.
Seen: 20/32
Ballot: 2/25

Re-watched Ruthless People last night. Crazy eighties fun comedy, loved it, and added it to my Comedy Top 100.

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No votes. I don't f*ck with The Hangover, plain and simple. The Nice Guys is easily one of the best straight comedies of the last decade.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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I was planning on watching Napoleon Dynamite for this countdown because I thought it was on a previous mofo list. When I couldn't find it, I came across Black Dynamite and so I watched that instead.
That, my friend, is called a win. I saw the first 45 minutes of Napoleon Dynamite because a friend had rented it. I only stopped watching then because she looked at me and said "are you finding this as shit as I am?" I said I was and so off it went. On the plus side, I got to crow about how I told her it would be crap.

I saw BTiLC once back in the late 80's. Didn't care for it, but then, I don't really care for comedy films, martial arts films, fantasy or Indiana Jones, so, as I remember it, there wasn't much else for me. Maybe one day I'll try again just to see.

Not seen either of the last two.
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MASH - Not surprised to see it but it's towards the bottom of Altman's filmography for me.

Dazed and Confused - It's not a laugh riot, which is why I didn't vote for it, but it's one of those movies that if I see it's on, I'm going to end up watching it. It's comforting. Certain things are very relatable other stuff, it's like, F'n Texas, man.

Best in Show - Is great. Not my favorite mockumentary but it's top two and I did not vote for it. I get a kick out of the running joke about Catherine O'Hara's younger days, especially when they meet up with Larry Miller and his perfect memory. Eugene plays them scenes great. And you can't mention this film without saying a little something about how awesome Fred Willard was. Some of his jokes fall flat but the ones that land really stick the landing. Usually with a movie like this there's going to be lulls or weak spots just because of all the different people/storylines they're trying to fit in but BiS avoids this. I liked everybody even Parker and her Hubby.

Snatch - Was top a 5 film on my MoFo 2000's countdown. It's funny, very funny in spots, but not gut busting funny. The mix of British and American humor usually works for me (foreshadowing?). When this countdown is over and I look over all the movies that made it I'd be surprised if there are ten movies I find more enjoyable than Snatch and yet I did not give it a single damn point.

Big Trouble in Little China - Awesome! Didn't vote for it but awesome! This is the movie you put in a time capsule for the 80's. A mish-mash of every genre that was popular at the time and Carpenter pulls it off.

The Nice Guys -
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It's rare that I hate a movie but I hate this movie. First real woofer of the countdown!

Didn't care for The Hangover. For the most part, I didn't find it neither funny nor entertaining. It was just a chore to get through. Haven't seen The Nice Guys.

Napoleon Dynamite was number 22 on my ballot but it took some time for it to land there. I hated this movie the first time I watched it. I'll admit it, I didn't get the humor. At all. My two roommates loved it but I never take their opinions of movies too seriously, but then when some of my family, people I respect, told me how funny they thought it was I decided to give it another shot, thinking I'm missing something. So I watched it again, this time with Lady Fred and Baby Fred who loved it from the first time they watched it. I don't know what happened but it was better. They were dying the entire time and just like the Grinch, I started getting into the festivities. The next time I watched it I laughed a little more and so on and so on. Now it's one of the most quoted movies in the house and the laughs are still there. If somebody thinks this is the worst movie ever, I get it and I wouldn't try to convince them otherwise. It's an odd one for sure.

Stew - Uhm, you said when your shift ended, does that mean you're a nurse or a blackjack dealer?
Jade - You know this, I'm a stripper. Well, technically I'm an escort but stripping is a great way to meet clients.
Phil - Smart.
Stew - Savvy.

Blackouts...nothings more funny than drinking yourself stupid then trying to figure out what the hell you did the night before. It was at this moment, Phil exploring the remnants of their hotel room, where I realized I was watching a documentary. I love these kinds of comedies, they used to be called teen-sex-comedies in the 80's and there were lots of them but then - *POOF* - just like that they disappeared until...the 2000's, when Hollywood realized that that audience didn't disappear, they just got old and started cranking these gems out again. Hangover is far and away the best of them. This made it all the way to number 14 on my ballot because once the next day begins, every scene is a laugh out loud moment.

My ballot so far:

The Hangover was a good time in the theater with friends but not one I’d care to revisit or think much about after.

I didn’t like The Nice Guys.

I saw The Hangover for the first time a couple of years ago and I didn't really like it that much. Some scattered laughs here and there, but that's it.

The Nice Guys, on the other hand, was an absolute blast for me. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about it back when I saw it...

The film has so many things in its favor that I don't know where to start. Both Gosling and Crowe are perfect in their roles, exuding equal parts of charm and insanity. Their chemistry is excellent, and they play so well off each other that you just want to see more of this pairing. Rice is a revelation as March's daughter. Her performance is effortless and confident. Black's dialogue is witty, fast-paced, and edgy, and his direction manages to find that perfect balance [...] between great, violent action and good natured humor. And even though he doesn't bask in it for too long, there are hints of more serious undertones in both March and Healy's characters that add layers to the film.
It's a comedy I recommend often, and it's the first film from my list to make a showing. I had it at #13.

Seen: 23/32

My ballot:  
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The Hangover - looking at the poster, I'm vaguely recalling that once I've came across this on the telly, quickly realizing that this is a type of movie which requires changing the channel immediately.

The Nice Guys - two well known film celebrities (Crowe and Gosling) been paid a fat wad to march into an empty screenplay... miserable directing, miserable acting, awful dialogues, no ideas... meh
Again, caught it on the telly, several years ago, this time tried to see more but couldn't finish it. It was so bad.
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If anything, it's amazing how strikingly different some of us see these two films.

Enjoyed both "The Hangover" and "The Nice Guys", neither made my ballot. About the latter, Crowe and Gosling fit together "nicely" in this little romp. On the former, kudoes for the poster who referred "The Hangover" as "Very Bad Things" light.

My ballot:  

My ballot: *3/32 (1-ptr hit)
My 2nd ballot: 5/32
Seen: 24/32
1-ptrs seen: 16
Put on watch list: 3

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
The Hangover is so totally, originally unpredictable that it reminds me of a Marx Bros. movie which actually has a plot. Something new and outrageous is introduced on the average of about every minute or so. Three guys accompany a soon-to-be groom on a bachelor party to Las Vegas and all Hell breaks loose when none of them can remember what the hell happened the first night they were there. All they know is that they now have a baby, one of the guys lost a tooth and may be married, the groom is "missing", there's a tiger in their hotel suite, and the groom's father-in-law's classic car has somehow been replaced by a Las Vegas police car. I'll admit that I had no clue who any of these actors were at the time I first saw it, but what difference does it make when they make you laugh so long and hard? However, Heather Graham almost seems to be in a perpetual Fountain of Sexual Youth as one of the key supporting characters. If you believe you have a sense of humor and you haven't watched it yet, give it a shot.

The Nice Guys is a very funny period [1970s] comedy mystery involving the death of a porn star. Sometimes it seems that Russell Crowe beats up his partner Ryan Gosling more than the bad guys, which is funny of itself as is Gosling's wimping out all the time, often involving his daughter.

Neither film is remotely PC. They didn't make my list, but for constant unexpected laughs they could have.
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I don't think any of these are on my list. Is there a way I can review my list to see how crazy my suggestions were?
I liked the Hangover but its not on my list.
My sister tells me I would like Nice Guys but I have never seen it.
I like MASH, I have never seen Dazed and Confused. I love Napoleon Dynamite. But I don't think it was on my list.

I don't think any of these are on my list. Is there a way I can review my list to see how crazy my suggestions were?
When you submitted a ballot, the system automatically sent you a PM with the full list, so if you didn't delete it it should be there.

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Man...I am so far behind. Will make an effort to catch up asap!
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Never found The Hangover that hilarious. It seemed beloved but it was never really for me.

I liked The Nice Guys and had a pretty good time, but ultimately it didn’t stick like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang did. I have actually forgotten a lot about it. But I liked the look and feel okay.

Predictions for tomorrow:
Leaving Las Vegas
L.A. Confidential