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I'm pretty sure that I saw Big Trouble in Little China many years ago, (because Hubby has the DVD), but I don't remember anything about it. I didn't even remember that it was a comedy.

I watched Napoleon Dynamite for this countdown because I found the DVD at a garage sale after the countdown was announced, and based on what I've heard or read about it, I expected it to make the countdown. I don't really understand all the hype about this movie. I thought it was just an average movie. The only character that I liked was his cousin's girlfriend. The rest of them were either dull or annoying.
If I answer a game thread correctly, just skip my turn and continue with the game.

I'm pretty sure that I saw Big Trouble in Little China many years ago, (because Hubby has the DVD), but I don't remember anything about it. I didn't even remember that it was a comedy.

Fwiw, if you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt is basically trying to ape Kurt Russell from this movie.
Kurt Russell, for his part, is doing a parody-impression of John Wayne in the movie. John Wayne seemed to have daddy-issues with John Ford. Kurt Russell plays Chris Pratt's father in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

*continues scribbling strange diagrams on the chalkboard*

Okay, let's see:

Best in Show is a very funny movie and I've been to enough dog shows (and just for fun!) to get a kick out of what Christopher Guest was lampooning. Glad to see it here.

Snatch Have yet to see it but will definitely soon...thanks to @John Dumbear for letting me know it's currently on Netlfix!

Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies of all-time, but I didn't consider it for this list. I mean, it's got comedy, Kung-Fu, monsters, beautiful ladies, raw fish, you name it! Since it's got everything, I didn't isolate the comedy for this list although I laugh at it more than anything, so...I missed out! D'oh! And I know there are several from my list that just won't make it so I should have included BTiLC but what can ya do?

Napolean Dynamite is a movie I really enjoy but I didn't consider it for my list. Thanks to @PHOENIX74 for mentioning Gentlemen Broncos! If anyone does like Napolean Dynamite then Gentlemen Broncos is definitely right up that alley. I really loved that movie and then forgot all about it for this list! Just like Used Cars that a few people have mentioned---how could I forget about frickin' Used Cars??? Gahhh!

#8 Stripes which is #90 on THE list.
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Big Trouble... is a nice fun campy delight, if you don't mind the OTT chaotic madness.

I thought @honeykid was the only United fan here.
I'm no United fan, can't stand them, but I do respect his achievements.

82 points, 5 lists
The Hangover

Todd Phillips, 2009


Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha


84 points, 6 lists
The Nice Guys

Shane Black, 2016


Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer


Thought The Hangover was absolute tripe personally. Not seen The Nice Guys but I do have it on DVR so will get round to it at some point.

Seen: 16/32
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terrible, 0/5, not enough puppies.

Good pair. I think both are extremely funny. I haven’t gone back to either, but I think about them and will eventually. I even own Nice Guys, it was in my top ten that year. Just didn’t feel familiar enough with it to give it a vote.

The Hangover and The Nice Guys are another pair making their first appearance on our MoFo lists.
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Both Happy and Sad.

Hangover was my number 2. But it showing here really may mark the end to any hope of my 1,3, and 4 picks landing on the list.

I legitimately think Hangover is the second funniest movie ever made for me.

Have seen so far: 18 - The Hangover - This movie was funny and a delightful one to watch. Yea sure you see these four men that go to Vegas, do dumb silly things but that's what makes a good comedy movie, imo.

Have not seen so far: 14

I have not seen The Nice Guys yet

My Ballot so far

#8 - The Hangover (2009)
#11 - Step Brothers (2008)
My 30 Favorite 80's Movies

My 30 Favorite 90's Movies

Seen neither, voted for neither.

The Hangover is hysterical, a modern classic, and remains so in spite of the considerable stink of the sequels. It is very worthy of the list, though it didn't make my ballot. Never really considered making room for it, figured it didn't need my help. However The Nice Guys was one of the last eleven I cut. Shane Black helped invent the modern action comedy with his script for Lethal Weapon followed by The Last Boyscout and The Long Kiss Goodnight. He gave his sensibility a 21st Century makeover when he started directing with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I don't know if that one is coming later, but it made the MoFo Top 100 Films of the 2000s list. I loved that movie when it came out and have been a champion of it ever since, but I think Shane actually one-upped himself with The Nice Guys. I hate that Ryan Gosling is that frickin' good looking and also that damn funny. It's not fair, really. But he is the highlight of The Nice Guys, a bumbling if honest private eye who becomes embroiled in a convoluted conspiracy and reluctantly partnered with Russell Crowe's bruiser. I understand Gosling is a huge star and has his pick of projects, but if he and Shane ever want to make a new "Rockford Files" type show following Holland March in other misadventures in '70s Los Angeles I will help them raise the money.

The Nice Guys (2016) was #8 on my ballot.

There's too much I can relate to in The Hangover to not love it, except I never understood why they stopped drinking.

I did not like The Nice Guys.

My list-

5. Stripes (#90)
6. The Hangover (#70)

There's too much I can relate to in The Hangover to not love it, except I never understood why they stopped drinking.

I did not like The Nice Guys.

My list-

5. Stripes (#90)
6. The Hangover (#70)
Knew I could count on you for a vote with it!

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I found The Hangover to be overrated and not very funny, but I'm not surprised it made the countdown. The Nice Guys was alright, but not a favourite of mine.

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Okay, another two really good comedies - another two comedies that weren't on my ballot. Does my sense of humour differ from mofo that much? Or will I find out that my sense of humour is exactly matched to mofos? Only time will tell.

The Hangover is great, and I watched it again recently in a Hangover marathon, but although I remember the second pretty well (and the first is glued into my memory) I can't remember the third one at all. Obviously this was huge for Zach Galifianakis, and he's a really funny guy, but this was even bigger for Bradley Cooper, and gave him his big breakout role. You have all your personality types in one tight-knit group, and having them rediscover a night that we never witness (ala Reservoir Dogs almost) was an inspired touch. It's probably been milked dry by now, but that hasn't sullied the reputation of this massive comedic release which still brings back good memories. Go 21st Century! I thought we'd be bereft of those titles, but instead I'm getting scared for the pre 80s/90s - so now I'm rooting for older films.

The Nice Guys is a good one, and I like that fact that Ryan Gosling can play roles where he's the accident-prone, less worldly member of this detective team. Loved him in Lars and the Real Girl, which I'm starting to think won't show - which is a shame (but all the same, I didn't vote for it.) A great pair-up, in Nice Guys really - and I liked seeing Russel Crowe in a comedy (albeit as the straight guy) - but this wasn't funny enough for me to vote it in as one of the greatest ever comedies. Real quality, but all the same, I don't see it up there. Just a plain good comedy, but we've got over 100 years of comedies to choose from.

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My vitriol towards The Hangover is so intense, I'm not even going to bother discussing it. The absolute antithesis of comedy for me. If it was up to me where I think it belongs, and what movies it should fit snugly in between, it would be dumped in with Rob Schneider DVDs in the dollar bin at Walmart. At least it introduced the world to Zach Galifinakis (stay positive, crumbsroom)

As for the other one, I think that is the first movie on any of these lists I've never even heard of.

The Hangover was a towards the end cut for me, & I’m very happy to see it on this list. Not a dull moment in this one , and the film that introduced Zach Galifinakis to the world. I’d actually hold Due Date (2010) in a very similar regard to The Hangover, and recommend fans who skipped it to check it out , definitely better than any of the sequels.

Even though I watched The Nice Guys much more recently, I remember much less about it.. I actually didn’t realize it was nearly this popular on the board. Off the top of my head it’s my favorite Gosling comedy after Crazy Stupid Love
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it

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