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Can’t remember much about Beetlejuice or Mash, saw them only once in the late eighties.
O Brother Where Art Thou was on my 2000’s ballot so easy cut for this ballot but it is in my top 100 comedies for sure.
Alright, alright, hey hey hey.. best thing about Dazed and Confused imo is McConaugHey.. Cool fun film! (Expecting American Graffiti later on.)
Haven’t seen Best in Show and I used Snatch to ‘lighten up’ my top 100 Crime list. But there are more than enough lol moments to justify its placement here. Same goes for Lock, Stock.

Seen 19/28
Ballot 2/25

For the first time on a countdown I'm actually pretty confident my entire ballot will show up.

In Bruges
Mystery Train

Personal theory.
Though the similarities are there, in the way he looks and intimidates people.

Both Fergie and Bricktop are unlikeable, red nosed, intimidating, bespectacled bullies.

tried mentally picturing Jim Carrey in an early Tim Burton movie and immediately turned off that channel.

In fairness, if they had ever remade Beetlejuice, I imagine Carrey would be at the top of the list for recasting him. Which, yes, would be awful. But I think there is a clear lineage between what Keaton was doing with the characters theatrical mannerisms and larger than life personality and constant monologuing, and the endless parade of cartoony grotesqueries Carrey has littered his career with. The important difference though is Keaton used these mannerisms and eccentricities to make a compelling character, whereas with Carrey you would always get the sense that he knows a camera is watching and just can't help peacocking for it. It wouldn't work. Just like his attempt at a Grinch was dreadfully awfully pathetically terrible. His performances just suck up all the oxygen in the room and give nothing back.

Now, this isn't to say I don't appreciate a small handful of things Carrey has done. Or to say that I particularly like Beetlejuice, the movie (I tolerate it because of its brilliant premise, but I'm pretty vocal about disliking nearly everything Burton has ever done). But Carrey in that film would have made it absolutely cringe inducing. And, yes, channel turning.

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Personal theory.
Though the similarities are there, in the way he looks and intimidates people.

Both Fergie and Bricktop are unlikeable, red nosed, intimidating, bespectacled bullies.
"Sir Alex" to give him his proper name.

In fairness, if they had ever remade Beetlejuice, I imagine Carrey would be at the top of the list for recasting him. Which, yes, would be awful.
Well you probably don't need to worry about that since Jim Carrey has said he'll likely retire from acting soon.

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Big Trouble in Little China

John Carpenter, 1986


Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun, James Hong


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Unlike what others?
Where is there another performance anything like that at the time? Keaton was/is an incredibly talented and creative guy.
I've read a few people in this thread remarking that they didn't care for him. Can't remember who for the most part.
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82 points, 5 lists
Napoleon Dynamite

Jared Hess, 2004


Jon Heder, Haylie Duff, Aaron Ruell, Jon Gries


Haven't seen Big Trouble in Little China. Never cared for Napoleon Dynamite.

Not seen either, not opposed to watching either, either

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Big Trouble in Little China is a cult classic that some people seem to rate extremely highly for some reason. Good fun I guess but not near my top 25.

I forgot about Napoleon Dynamite. It's quite a decent film, which may have been near the bottom of my list had I remembered about it. I love the ending.

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Seen both, voted for neither. Big Trouble in Little China is an 8/10 for me and Napoleon Dynamite is a 7/10 from me. Still at 100% seen.

Yet to make it through "Big Trouble in Little China" and " Napolean Dynomite" is the definition of "meh".

Neither were nowhere near my top 100.

Big Trouble is ok, but never would have guessed it made it here.

Haven't seen Napolean.

This is the first appearance for Big Trouble in Little China or Napoleon Dynamite on any of the MoFo lists.
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I've seen Big Trouble in Little China several times. My only problem is lacking characterization, but otherwise it's a perfectly fun serious parody of martial arts movies. 9/10.

Napoleon Dynamite has some nerdy realism to it, I'd know from experience (I'm way sexier than him, though.). But the jokes were off a little bit after the first watch. However, Lafawnduh forever. 8/10.

Seen 20/30. Two thirds. Nice.

DAZED AND CONFUSED: This is obviously on my list. But I did struggle at how strong a 'comedy' it is. I think I let it squeak by for the good vibes it gives me. It makes me happy, which is an unfamiliar sensation, like my stomach is full of goldfish. And that I think is close enough to laughter. I guess.
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I know people love it, so I hate saying that I really don't like Big Trouble in Little China despite giving it a few goes. I don't know what it is - I like Kurt Russel in Used Cars, but perhaps here more of a comedic burden falls on him, and I just don't respond to him that way. I don't like John Carpenter's action-filled comedic senses either. Everywhere I go in life, I find people absolutely extolling the virtues of this film and it makes me feel really lonely. Those of you I read comments from saying they don't like this either - the more of those I read, the less alone I'll feel.

Napoleon Dynamite however I think is funny as hell, and very nearly made it onto my list. It was on the second one - those movies that had a chance once I really got things straightened out - so it's definitely second 25 (ie - top 50.) Those of you who really like it and haven't seen Gentlemen Broncos yet - what the hell are you waiting for? Watch Gentlemen Broncos! All of the performers just completely sell their nerdiness, awkwardness and ill-fit into society in ND, and manage to contort that lack of cohesion with every single comedic situation you could think of. To all of you who voted it in without my help - I thank you dearly.

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Big Trouble in Little China was my #14 and one of the biggest “damn, why didn’t I watch this much earlier in life?” kind of moments…

I only recently saw it for the first time. I’ve always put it aside as a too weird and too stupid film that wasn’t worth spending time with. But one day I was in the mood for just some good entertainment… and boy did it deliver!

Without a doubt one of the best times I’ve had watching a movie. The pace is excellent and the movie uses no time setting too much up. It goes straight into it and never stops. It knows exactly what it is and is immensely proud of it. And it should be.

Hugely entertaining film that brings a lot of what I miss in modern movies. This is good ol’ fun.

As for Napoleon Dynamite, I have - unsurprisingly - not seen it…

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