Whatís that?


Hi everyone

Please could you name these two movies I watched in the early 90s.

First movie was about construction workers at a dig like site finding an alien like baby

Second movie about a group of teens going into the jungle or woods and they turn into reptile like creatures, similar to the creature in The Black Lagoon.

Both movies may have been American but Iím not sure and low budget.


Thanks for the reply!

I donít think itís Quatermass

But I will watch the movie to make sure. The movie may have been in the 1970s/1980s

Is #2 a horror movie? Do the monsters attack the other unchanged people?
Yes thatís coorrect

Just watched Quatermass and the Pit. Itís bot the film😞

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first one is it "The Hidden" (1987), and second one is it "The Lost Tribe" (2009) ?