Your Sport...


I only ever played Darts from a young age. Played at Superleague level, played in a handful of tournaments run by the BDO organization (there was two organizations, the BDO which is now defunct as far as I know and the PDC which is the pinnacle of the sport).
I don't really play competitively these days, only play at home for fun.

I never played football/soccer or anything like that, but over the last year or so I got into running. Before covid hit I was running in those 5k parkruns every weekend. Was thinking of entering some 10k runs and the like but that is now on the backburner due to the pandemic.

The one I actually played was baseball - catcher for 9 years or so. I had to stop due to a bad motorcycle accident (crushed my leg). Got into lifting while in rehab but couldn't compete because I couldn't squat.

The one I still watch is MMA. If I were younger when it all started I probably would have given that a go. People don't realize how technical it is and how much skill development is involved - now anyway. In the beginning it was brawling for sure.