What's your Favorite Movie (or TV) Car(s)?


Iíve heard of this show, but Iíve been away from England for a very long time.

Jeez, you must really mean a long time. Only Fools and Horses was a hugely popular sitcom from the 80s and 90s.

My all time favorite TV show - Columbo.

Here's the lieutenant with his faithful steed - the 1959 Peugeot 403 Luxury Cabriolet

One of the ongoing jokes in the show was that Columbo was convinced that he had a really special car. Turned out it sort of was. The car was sold when it was thought that the show was over. The fans loved it so much that Columbo was re-upped for several more seasons. They had a really difficult time replacing the car as even then there weren't many around.

Mary's 1973 Mustang Convertible from the Mary Tyler Moore show end credits. Though on the show here friend Rhoda took some money that Mary had won and bought her a yellow Mustang convertible. I like the blue one better.

Oh man - that reminded me of the Cobra Farrah drove in Charlie's Angels.

Ultimately, even she couldn't make that overblown Pinto cool to drive.

Steve McQueenís personal Ferrari used in The Thomas Crown Affair

This is the Rolls Royce driven in the final scene of the movie.
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Can't forget the Jurassic Park Ford Explorers:

I had a Toyota Sequoia I drove for 10 years after I paid it off. Had serious thoughts about doing this to it