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This would be a funnier sentence if auto correct had left “genitals” as is.
Ha, indeed. Dear me, that is ridiculous. My bad, should have proofread.

The fortunes of Hollywood - tonight's movie is Tarantula, a 1950's classic "big bug" movie. In this case a big spider terrorizes the usual isolated dusty western town. I recall being a kid and finding a printed ad for this at our local theater. I went and it scared the crap out of me.

It stars John Agar, a star whose career was derailed when his marriage to none other than Shirley Temple ended. He found himself consigned to big bug movies after that. It co-stars Leo G Carroll, a dignified British actor who also found himself in big-bug movies. This one also has a big guinea pig, but the big spider is much more scary.

As a sideline, it also features a short, early appearence of Clint Eastwood as a pilot in an Air Force plane that shoots the big spider.

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Just watched ‘Man on Fire’ followed by ‘Kill Bill’ Vol 2.

Just call me "Peg-legged Peg"
I really liked this movie. Hope you enjoy it, as well!
my 3rd time viewing it.. Im sure I will.

I saw it right after it first came out, twice.