Aquaman - Highest Grossing DCEU movie


28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Well, I don't know if anyone would have called this.


Aquaman - $1,020,261,781
Batman V Superman - $873,634,919
Wonder Woman - $821,847,012
Suicide Squad - $746,846,894
Man of Steel - $668,045,518
Justice League - $657,924,295

While it won't catch up to Wonder Woman domestically, it's weird to think their big tent-pole film Justice League is dead last in all markets.

I thought the movie was great and it deserves the success. Wan took a laughable character, one that was one dimensional in Justice League and crafted a FUN, underwater, adventure film. Here's hoping DC moves in this direction (Wonder Woman included) and away from the Justice League style.

2nd James Wan film to cross 1B.
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28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
It also came out in winter, for a chunk of US not as much to do around then so I'm not too shocked.
Indeed, the lack of competition helped it. It'll be interesting to see what movies we see in December once Star Wars is done. Excluding Avatar of course.

For years I wanted an Aquaman movie but admittedly wasn't too excited about this one. Certainly surprised by this.

It's probably got the best 3rd act of a DCEU film, but that's not difficult. The special effects were really good but I didn't think it was a billion dollar movie