The Adventure Starts Here!
Just began season 2...not happy with the way they just skipped over Holden's breakdown and showed him strapped to a hospital bed...it would have been nice to see exactly what predicated the attack and why strapping him to the bed was necessary. Loving Michael Cerveris as the new boss. And is something going to happen between Tench and Wendy? There was a definite sexual tension between them in ep 1.
I think they can still come at this as a sort of flashback or trigger for Holden in the future. If they're being genuine about this breakdown, then it SHOULD show up again, given what he does for a living. It should KEEP coming back to haunt him.

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Just wrapped ep 6 of season 2...Tench's wife is starting to piss me off...she keeps begging for everyone's help with Brian but she keeps telling help how to help. Loved wendy's fascination with BDSM sex during that interview and I also love that NO ONE wants hear anything Holden is saying in Atlanta so you just know he's probably going to end up being right about everything.

Note: the tweet overstates things. The show is not canceled, there's just going to be enough of a delay that they had to release the cast to do other things. It's not clear what the show's future is, but it's not been canceled.

Still that sounds depressing as hell.

I also wonder if this falls in Netflix's way of working. They are more obsessed about developing new series (and giving them couple of seasons) rather than pumping money into existing ones, unless they are real commercially successful ones like Stranger Things.