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Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
Next, possibly tonight, Daimajin
- This is one of those films where I liked it on first viewing but I feel like watching it again might actually make me dislike it, but that's pretentious existentialism for you.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?

Daimajin (1966) dubbed

This was actually pretty [email protected] good. Done really [email protected] well for its genre, and I really, really [email protected] enjoyed it!

Going the nostalgic route with dubbing from me wee pup dazes that ended up being very much on the mark on both syncing AND fitting the characters in this fantasy tale of an interruption of a holy ceremony to safeguard the God of the Mountain - remains imprisoned within a giant samurai statue. Its lower extremes within the mountain itself. The interruption brought about by a warring clan's attack on the local samurai clan. The parents dying in the attack and the two children, he's around seven, she's around three are taken to safety by an entrusted, loyal swordsman of the clan. A volatile officer hot on their heels.
Flash forward some ten years plus and the kids are late teen adults and the region's population are now indentured slave labor by the brutal usurpers.
The final disrespect to the God of the Mountain is an attempted demolition of the statue that halts when a spike is hammered into Majin's forehead and watery blood spills out.
Coinciding with the capture of the son, the swordsman, and the tortured loyal man of the court are being crucified as Majin awakens and [email protected] up the usurpers. How he takes out the leader was [email protected] awesome. Amid, may I say, a VERY cool foreboding, bassy soundtrack.

As I initially said, this was done surprisingly well. Enjoyed thoroughly with a spiked coffee beverage in hand, and a pleasant pre-viewing puff, this was a pretty awesome, Late Night Saturday Night Film Feature.

Very, VERY, [email protected] COOL.

Oh, wait, I nearly forgot. Anyone else's version had a crazy, frantic intermission collage of random images of numbers and various breaks and other effects upon a real movie film?
Much in the fashion of a Grindhouse Movie intermission.
A definite plus to the version I enjoyed.

Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
And now, what I imagine will be, a turn to the more serious selection of films with Black Rain 'Kuroi ame' (1989), Hanagatami (2017), and Dust in the Wind 'LiÓn liÓn fengchÚn' (1986) to wrap this up with.

In no planned order as of yet, so we'll see how that goes.