The Happening theories (spoiler alert)


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i think its very possible that your all correct ive known from the movies i have seen made by m.night that he seems to always have multiple messages and indications so none of you are wrong but none of you are completely right but yeah i got multiple messages out of that movie, the key is paying attention to every detail even ones that dont seem to matter, like how the two boys were shot, or the crazy old lady, or the fact that while he hints at it being the plants he also hints at it being the gov, or triggered by nuclear power, or like one of you said he did show that the wind brought on the death or could have been all of these or none or a couple of them, why not could the gov have caused the plants to excrete the toxins, and if it was the gov why attack that other country? and why wait 3 months later, just an interesting idea, dont be so quick to discredit other peoples theorys i mean its m.night why not have more than one message more than one cause?

I have a problem with the plant theories also. Has anyone wondered why it has to be overcast or cloudy when people start dying? They show a storm blowing into Paris just before the event starts to happen there. I noticed that it was overcast most of the time, and during times where the sun peaks through, there are still plenty of clouds and no true blue skies.

The fact that large groups of people attract the death is contradicted when they all seem to meet at the intersection in the middle of nowhere. Why wouldn't they have been attacked while all being massed together? They don't start being attacked until they've split up again.

Why wouldn't the plants start killing you when you are walking, running, or driving over them? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want people trampling over me. lol

In the cities, it never shows everyone committing suicide. It also didn't seem to affect everyone. Yet, everyone kills themselves eventually? Or, are there survivors in the cities affected? That is never really explained. I'm guessing their were because the cities are populated again in the end.

My first thoughts as to what was happening, and why it was in the parks, was alien in nature. The gusts of swirling wind looked like some propulsion system. The clouds would roll in (War of the Worlds anyone?) to mask the ships. Mind control is certainly plausable in an advanced race of beings. I'd have to look at that opening scene where they show an upward view of the people jumping off the building. They almost look propelled to me at the time. Could have been bad computer graphics. I don't remember seeing a blue sky, and yet the sun was shining.

The plants and bees theories are too obvious to be the correct ones. If this were a real life murder scene, the obvious is the truth, but this is a movie. It was too obvious with all of the plant talk.

I would guess that the events were either caused by government experiments or alien in nature.

Someone towards the top said that there was color reference with the yellow. I believe that Shyamalan used even greater of a color reference. There are three theories:

1. Blue- if you wath the movie, every single person in the movie is wearing blue. Mark wears blue all throughout the film. Jess wears a blue shirt throughout the whole movie, and alma wears a blue dress throughout the film. even the two boys that they travel with are wearing blue. one is wearing a blue and white jersey and the other is wearing a light blue collared shirt. Every single person wears blue. I noticed it when they were all in a group listening to the woman talk to her daughter on the phone. Every single person in the crowd was wearing blue somewhere on themselves.

2. Yellow- like the person said previously, yellow is also a really big color reference. Yellow may be the color used to represent that they would be saved. Alma carries a yellow bag, and at the end before mark ventures out of the ladies house, his mood ring turns yellow.
This also could be metephor for a change in his personality. If you watch the extras on the dvd, shyamalan cut out a scene of a fight between mark and alma, she says that he acts like a child. This change in the color of his mood ring from blue to yellow may mean that he has changed from a child to a man.

3. RED!!!- red was the biggest color reference that i saw in the film. When a death was going to occur, there was red somewhere in the scene. In the opening shot the little dog has a red ball in his mouth, at the construction site the guy has a red decale on his helmet, when the people die at the second park, when the police man shoots himself, the little whit edig has a red collar, when jess's dad leaves he gets into a red jeep and that same red jeep is affected and then they crash themselfs into a tree. When the military sargent kills himself in the field, a woman is carrying a red suitcase, when the two boys get shot at the house, there is red on the swing jess was on, and when the old lady dies there is red flowers in the garden. Finally in the closing scene, there is a red balloon in the background and there are red umbrellas and a lady in a red shirt in the background. Red i feel was his most prodominent and significant color reference. It took me two times of watching it to realize it

now i dont know if it is true, this is just my opinion but it seemed pretty obvious to me idk. think what you will.

the theme of the movie is very existentialist in nature. like on the first part, people just jump on tall buildings without apparent reasons and people just killed themselves without any cause. well, existence is like that, there is neither reason nor science that can fully understand on why are we here in this world. the self-killings of the people is just a symbol that life has no meaning
and suicide is only an option. but existentialist though suicide for them is an option, considered it as one of the option how to survive in this meaningless world. the other solution is to continue living despite of life's meaninglessness. to find the answer through science or technology is just a waste of time. that is why the end of the movie each viewers remained perplexed on what was it all about. for me IT IS EXISTENTIALISM that m. night shyamalan wants to portray...