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"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Welcome to the human race...
Sure is. You got any reasons for a
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

Welcome to the human race...
Fair point. I picked it because it involved movie-watching, haven't changed it since.

i love Back To the future!
no one else is dealing with your demons friend - tyler joseph.

Welcome to the human race...
Good scene but the quality of the GIF is pretty average. I don't think GIFs generally make for the best banners.

Welcome to the human race...
Haha. What movie is this and what movie is this guy watching?
The movie from which the still is taken is John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness. Seeing as it is taken from the film's ending, to give the still any kind of context is to spoil the entire movie, so I'm tagging it as such:

WARNING: "In the Mouth of Madness" spoilers below
Basically, Sam Neill plays an investigator who's been assigned to track down a missing horror author whose best-selling book series is causing people to become extremely violent. Once he finds the author, he discovers that the author is actually the agent of some Lovecraftian creatures of eldritch origin who grant the author the power to rewrite reality in order to help them take over the world. Neill's character then learns that his reality is actually just the last book in the series and that he is a fictitious character within a book. This sends him insane and he is eventually institutionalised for murdering a complete stranger, but he figures he's safe as long as he's confined to the asylum and covers himself in crosses to ward off the evil. Eventually the creatures break through to the "real world" and Neill is freed from the asylum. He wanders through a ruined city devoid of people while frantic messages for help play in the background. He ends up in a movie theatre that is advertising the brand-new hit movie In the Mouth of Madness. When he sits down (with popcorn, no less) he sees that the movie is actually the movie that we the audience have been watching the whole time but cut into a jagged, incoherent mess. The film basically ends with Neill, totally insane, laughing his head off as he realises that his whole life is a movie and he'll die when the film reaches its closing credits.

EDIT: Your banner gets a

High Functioning Sociopath
I'm a big fan of Sam Neill (JP is my #1 movie so lol) so you already get a 4.

TWD has been a snoozefest since season 2. Unwatchable tbh.
Sadly I'm with you Season 3 was so bad and half of Season 5 sucked too (I'm one of few who really liked Season 4), but I still watching hoping it'll get better lol The End of Season 5 was very enjoyable though so I hope Season 6 is good.

She's hot.

I have to return some videotapes.
Good scene but the quality of the GIF is pretty average. I don't think GIFs generally make for the best banners.
Yeah, i've had a big problem on that. Probably gonna change it.