MoFo Fantasy Baseball 2021 - Regular Season


Retroactive roids... I love it. If I ever change my team name again. I may have to use that. Lol...
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

Giolito's been the 28th-best starter and Marte, who you got for Springer (who went on the IL twice more after the deal) is actually the #1 outfielder in fantasy on the strength of his average and steals.

Your big blows are Glasnow (dominant for a third of the year but now completely out) and Yelich, who's definitely underperformed though oddly has a really high OBP anyway.
Giolito was turned into Ozuna who got suspended right away, so I got pretty much nothing from either. Giolito was rather bad at the beginning and I think I benched him on a lot of good starts. Crazy about Marte, it has to be the Stolen Bases inflating his value though.

Ah, forgot you traded Giolito.

Yeah, with Marte steals are certainly the top reason: he's stolen a ton just since getting traded to Oakland, even. By itself, if everything else was average, he'd be like top 15-20, but he's combining it with like a .320 AVG (in a year when averages are seemingly down) and an OBP over .400. Crazy.

He should of traded giolito to me. I turned ohtani into Rodon and hes been fine, but also hurt a little. At least gio has been pitching the whole time. Which is what I wanted... so it goes!

Very probable Winker will be out for enough of the season to make any difference going forward. Based upon most peoples troubles this year hopefully a windfall of injuries isnt going to come.

HOLY BALLS! Powdered is at 110! I think he broke the internet. 2nd place (me) is at 100. I think you may have youre fourpeat Chris Water

And maybe I shouldn't have traded him for Woodruff, who's the 118th-ranked SP in the last month.

How about that?

I thought it was a fair trade and would do it again. My team was dead last in rbi's when that trade was made and have moved up to 3rd (it's not all Teoscar but he's not hurting). Just glad it helped me get out of the cellar.

Yep, worked out great for you, and just kinda meh for me (though I obviously didn't know I was gonna be hit with even more injuries after). But totally fair, and was obviously so based on team needs and Woodruff's peripherals, which suggested significant regression.

Sigh! Going into September cold. Wish it were otherwise but the momentum is definitely with Powdered. Winning a fourth in a row he should write a book and give seminars.