Editing Your Favorite Movies


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One more little thing re: these lists...are they no longer available while looking at somebody's profile pages? I think that's what was really throwing me, why I thought they completely disappeared. Is the popcorn box icon there and I'm just missing it, or is that something you decided to nix altogether?

There's a text link near the top of the page on the right-hand side...it's on the side of the gray bar adjacent to your avatar, beneath your user title. That's where it's always been on the profile page, I believe.

NOW I see it.

I seem to remember it used to be between the 'stats' and 'contact' boxes on the left, like more in the center of the page, but maybe not.

Anywho, now I knows where to finds 'em. All MY questions have been answered, so thanks.

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Grrr...so close. I can almost edit my favorite movies. As soon as I click OK, or whatever, it says there is an error. I guess you are still working on it then?
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I'm still waiting on him to get my DVD section updated.
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I am trying to change my movie favorites. When I try to, I change them and click on the finish edit button. Thinking that they are changed I look at the list and they are NOT changed. Why??? Can anyone help????

I have put in my fav movies like 4 times,,, its saves favorite movies has been updated close window...

but umm...
My favorite movies arent there.

I see the submit news is under construction...
will you be adding submit review also?
Just curious....
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The thing is busted. I'm workin' on it. Submit News has been put off so many times I've lost count. As for a review: just email or PM me about it. Likewise, if you want, you can send me your favorite movies and I can enter them for you manually.

Thanks for your patience...I'll get it all done someday.

Unfortunately I am html gal not php.
I wish I was php savvy though as it all seems to "flow" alot better and seems better manageable...
my site is getting CRAZY with the html and manually have ing to add stuff....

Well, PHP isn't a replacement for HTML really. PHP is primarily used to generate HTML dynamically...so you can't really use it to build a site on its own. It just extends and customizes HTML depending on various environmental variables/circumstances. That said, if you ever want to learn about it, I can point you to a few books/online tutorials.

My site differs from this one not a whole lot.
With movie reviews, news, etc.... Where this one mainly focuses ont eh forum, mine focuses on the reviews, forum is available through a secondary source at this point which I hate! But Until the site gets moved (hopefully before winter) it will have to do.

Anyway, I am needing a database type going on with all the reviews etc....

blah blah blah....
you get the idea and this is way off topic.... haha....

ANY help in the direction of php greatly appreciateed.

Still no Favorite Movie? ~sigh~
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Originally posted by LordSlaytan
Still no Favorite Movie? ~sigh~
You can't get into that selection to edit? Hmmm...that happened to me after the site changed format. It said I couldn't edit my movies because I wasn't logged in. Is that what you're running into?

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*baby voice* I sorry. Me no helpie.