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John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum (2019)

Great way to end a fantastic action trilogy... but then I realized there's gonna be a fourth one!

Aladdin (2019)

Was a little worried about this one based off the trailers and being a tad disappointed with Dumbo, the previous live-action Disney adaptation, but I actually enjoyed this one quite a bit. Stuck with much of the original's story while adding in a few new subplots and songs.
killing the business

Re-watch of a classic. Brilliant movie.
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Re-watch of a classic. Brilliant movie.

It is a brilliant movie, but it also was in the top five of my list of most disturbing movies...no re-watch appeal whatsoever...like you said brilliant movie, but I have no desire to ever re-visit.

It is a brilliant movie, but it also was in the top five of my list of most disturbing movies...no re-watch appeal whatsoever...like you said brilliant movie, but I have no desire to ever re-visit.
It was not my first re-watch. Seen it at least 3 times.

Which were the 4 other most disturbing movies at the top of your list? Just tell me, don’t send me a link.

Point Of Entry (Stephen Bridgewater, 2007)
Originality, suspense, sparkling dialogue - this has none of them
Pre-1930 Countdown

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'Failan' (2001)

Directed by Hye-sung Song

This is why Korean cinema is the best in the world. The movie goes from bumbling gangster fun to utter emotional devastation within an hour.

It's a film that just gets better and better until the viewer is left to pick up the pieces in a stupour. A quite amazing performance by Choi min-Sik..I thought he was brilliant in Oldboy, then I saw this.

Two tragic characters that barely cross paths, are at the centre of an extremely simple tale that is just crushed by Director Hye-sung Song. He absolutely smashes it out of the park. Korean cinema does that better than any other - makes beautiful, heartfelt tales out of simple plots.

There are some flaws - mainly actions by periphery characters. But it doesn't affect the flow and tone of this beautiful film.


I don't remember the top 5, but i do remember # 1 was The Passion of the Christ
Goodness, yes. Was terrified to finally watch it. Think I made it through, but it was horrible.

Godzilla (2019)

A couple different directions to go with this rating... If you are looking for a good movie, look elsewhere. It's too long and takes awhile to gather steam. If you are just looking for a fun time, this is pretty cool to watch but there are too many lulls to be worth a rewatch in the future.

The Perfection (2018) N

Other than acting (which was pretty good) The Perfection felt quite amateurish. Before the first "twist" I was hoping it wouldn't be what it was but of course it was (actually it's pretty much the same with the second "twist" too). I'm under impression there's been some hype around this but I don't see any reason for that. A bit like New French Extremism but without the extremity.


Captive State (2019) N

A slow scifi that plays more like a WWII French Resistance film or an agent story. To me it was kinda refreshing take on the same old alien invasion genre. It's not that much about the characters but the world which is well built totalitarian dystopia with alien leaders and human collaborators.


Welcome to the human race...
Phantom of the Paradise -

Webber f*cking wishes.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

Welcome to the human race...
Eden Lake -

looking at my old review and trying to determine where exactly I draw the line between a 0.5 and a 1 (the review has some flaws with the writing, but I still stand by a good chunk of it)

Oasis (2002)

What a brilliant film and an amazing story. Performance by So-ri Moon who's character has severe cerebral palsy, is honestly astonishing. One of the best Korean films I've seen so far.
WOW! I took your recommendation and watched Oasis last night. It's easily one of the best films I've experienced in the past couple of years. I can see why this film won so many awards, and in specific how the female lead, So-ri Moon, won the Marcello Mastroianni award at Venice!

Ironically I almost bailed after the first 5-10 minutes, thinking that I had no interest in a tale about some simpleton. But all of a sudden the story drew me in, and by the time he encountered the disabled girl, I was hooked.

It's not my usual cup of tea to volunteer for emotional connection with sorrowful or unfortunate characters. But Moon's overwhelming portrayal of Gong-ju Han, a young woman with severe spastic cerebral palsy who has been more or less banished to a small apartment by her family so that her brother can cheat the welfare system, grabbed me pretty hard.

The other breathtaking performance was by Kyung-gu Sol, who plays a mentally disabled free spirit who was just released from penitentiary for a crime he didn't commit, but who seeks out the family of the person killed in an auto accident by his brother. In a way Sol's portrayal was even more invested than was Moon's.

The actions of each of the pair, along with their interactions together, are some of the finest and most moving portrayals that I've seen.

The writing and direction by Chang-dong Lee is of the highest caliber, as is the film's immediate supporting cast. My only minor detraction would be the ending, which could have been resolved differently, but yet was acceptable. In fact one could imagine a sequel, but since the film was from 2002, that's very unlikely.

Based on this work, I'll be investigating other pictures by Lee, Moon and Sol.

I agree with your rating, SL: 9/10 from me.

that's poetry. we'll do that when all else fails.
It's a good country, better now without Fidel Castro.
Is it? I don't agree, but is just an opinion.
I start to see the decay of a good project, a project started by the Castro's and there supporters. A project that only endured for so many years because Cuba doesn't have the oil resources most South American countries have. A project that gives a example to the world what health care, education and science should be all about. A society without competition that originated poets on the loose, what we should all be, not a piston easily replaceable competing for everything we do.