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Excited for this whole movie...but I CAN'T wait to see Colosuss. They really looked they nailed it on him.

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Yep, it was.

I mean, I'm on my phone so can't check it, but the footage looked the same after watching the trailer again... And I'm still not really feeling this movie. The humor feels forced and not what I expected. I hope the full result is better.

I m so excited to watch this movie...........................

I think this is going to be the most anticipated movie in 2016. Btw there is new teaser trailer on yt right now

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Trailer 2.

Awesome. This is actually funny, really enjoyed both trailers.
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Pretty sure that's not what doubledenim means. Obviously he's going to be second fiddle to the title character, for crying out loud. The question is how much he gets to say and do within that role.

It seems Colossus is a difficult character to put on film. The effects in the X-Men movies were decent, but he looked a bit too Silver-Surferish (being all shiny and whatnot). He definitely looks better in the Deadpool clips with the ribbed design on his arms (ala the comics), but still looks animated.

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Looking forward to this tomorrow. Reviews have been solid, those on this side of the comic fence seem golden.

I'm planning on selling a kidney to see this in Imax, even though I see it being a John Wick wolf-ticket. Even when I know I am being scammed, it is worth supporting to me. After all the hoops and delays, it is joyous news to hear they made a quality movie.

Really feel like this could be the most significant comic movie since...

If an R-rated comic movie is successful, it may open up a lot of possibilities. It is also coming along at a time when these movies may be getting stale.

Please go see it. If you have one speck interest, please go see it.

Not every movie has to be about saving the world.

It's got Colosuss for goodness sake. Who don't love Colosuss?

Tell me why Colossus in this is better then in x-men and he sounds russian but he is a pump american in the x-men movies singer has done.

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Deadpool makes rated r box office history. JON SCHNEPP WAS CORRECT THE THING MADE OVER 100 MILLION! Opens to an estimated 135 million opening weekend.

With the good word of mouth its getting I'd say i'm glad to see people wasting their money going to see quality entertainment....