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Downhill 2020

Only watched this because I unashamedly love Will Ferrell, he is my favourite comedic actor, I even like him in films I do not like, I don't know how anybody could not like this idiot.

Anyhow I was surprised by the emotional depth and realism of this movie and even more by how much hate there is for it, I'm pleased I read the reviews after the movie as I probably wouldn't have watched it otherwise

so yeah its a remake and the original is a hundred million billion times better by most accounts but for me it was something different and I really quite enjoyed it but I seem to be the only person

I wanna be sedated

Let's clear the backlog quickly...

Mimic (1997)

It sort of looks like del Toro movie but the studio interference makes the resemblance purely cosmetic. And that's the director's cut I'm talking about. The concept is OK but the film is a soulless studio product.

Mimic 2 (2001)

The first half is a collection of copied scenes from the original and then it gets worse. The monster is decent and there are a couple of funny scenes (like Remi undressing in front of that young dude). As a whole, it's bad.

Mimic 3 (2003)

It's different than the other two and goes full Rear Window. It's not exactly better than the previous film but it's bad in a more entertaining way. Oh, and Rosy is pretty hot.

Beyond the Woods (2016)

The best thing about this film is the obvious fake reviews in IMDb. The movie itself is a mix of supernatural slasher, an inescapable inferno, and a toilet full of poo. One of the worst films I've seen this year.

The Tax Collector (2020)

2 collectors for a Mexican crime outfit (Bobby Soto, Shia LaBeouf) get rattled when an old nemesis comes back amongst their operation. This was pretty OK but never got beyond TV movie standard.

if.... (1968)

Liked this in a whacky way. Class observation on English Public School life where the little (or not so little) darlings get a tad out of control. Very dated but strong earthy performances and Lindsay Anderson does a fine job in directing. Quite erotic in parts and a bit stupidly violent in others, it all hangs together well. Richard Warwick is great as is "The Girl".

You Should Have Left (2020)

I might be rating this a bit high, but I was in the mood for a scary movie so that helped it. Also didn't hurt that Amanda Seyfried is gorgeous

The movie itself is fine; average on most accounts. The plot is pretty predictable, the scares are pretty tame, and the 'twist' ending has been done many times before. It kept me entertained throughout though nonetheless.

I might be rating this a bit high, but I was in the mood for a scary movie so that helped it. Also didn't hurt that Amanda Seyfried is gorgeous

The movie itself is fine; average on most accounts. The plot is pretty predictable, the scares are pretty tame, and the 'twist' ending has been done many times before. It kept me entertained throughout though nonetheless.[/quote]

Think my rating was not so different from yours chawhee....wasn't great...decent Sunday afternoon fayre. I can sympathise for the chap/lady who went to the cinema and expected alot more from this (sorry, can't remember the mofo )

Bel Ami, 2012

Based on the poster and the lukewarm IMDb score, I was expecting this to not be that great. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by the performances, the plot arc, and the themes/conflicts it explored.

There is a whole subgenre of films about people who come from a poor background trying to manipulate their way through socially climbing society. I thought that this story was a different and interesting take on that dynamic.

Georges Duroy (Robert Pattinson) returns from work as a soldier with no money. Managing to connect with another veteran who is much better off, Georges begins to attempt to ascend the social ladder through a series of manipulations and seductions. But as he gets further into his schemes, he realizes that there are more dynamics at play than he originally imagined.

Films where the male lead seduces a series of women often comes off as a way to show the prowess of the guy. But the take on this dynamic in Bel Ami is very different. Georges is very young (Pattinson was 26 at the time he played the character), and all of his "conquests" are significantly older and more experienced than he is. The viewer is lulled, along with Georges, into believing that he is using them, when in fact it is sometimes the other way around.

The main pillar of the film is the relationship between Georges and a woman named Madeleine (a fabulous Uma Thurman). Madeleine is incredibly intelligent, and all of Georges' work (he is a writer for a newspaper) is literally dictation that he takes from her. She is content to allow Georges to claim her insight and ability as his own, hoping to raise him up. The film gets very interesting when Georges realizes that Madeleine has her own lover, and the ensuing feelings of jealousy he has.

It's too complex to unpack every twist and turn, but all of the actresses playing the women Georges pursues are excellent. Christina Ricci as his first lover, who doesn't care that he has no money. Thurman as the woman he ends up marrying. And Kirsten Scott Davis as a bored wife who Georges seduces merely to embarrass her husband. Each of them bring an element (empathy, intelligence, passion) in which Georges is outmatched.

And this is where I felt that the film was most interesting in its themes. The women in his life are all, in one way or another, better than Georges. Especially Madeleine, whose intelligence and stoicism practically burst at the seams. There are little ways in which they have power over Georges (including one very well-acted scene in which, fed up with Georges pestering her for sex while she is working, Madeleine throws him down on a chair, lifts her skirts, and aggressively has sex with him as he pleads with her to slow down--an interaction that shocks and humiliates Georges and is the first moment in which he realizes who needs who).

But due to social mores at the time, the mere fact that Georges is a man gives him power over the women. Once Georges embraces all of the power he is afforded merely due to his gender, he is able to gain the upper hand. It is both fascinating and frustrating to see the way in which Georges is able to manipulate, and the different reactions of the women to his manipulations.

I think that what makes the film really work is the way that the writing and Pattinson's performance allow you to always retain some sympathy for Georges. He might be manipulative, greedy, and a hypocrite (having two affairs at the same time and yet being angry when his wife takes a lover), but his point of view is very clear. He watched his father die destitute and he is determined not to repeat that fate. We also see the way that others in society delight in humiliating Georges. The wealthy people are a ruthless bunch, and so it's not merely a case of an "evil poor person" deceiving innocent, kind wealthy people. Georges is damaged, and his own pride and the actions of those around him keep him from ever finding a satisfying, loving relationship. While I wasn't exactly rooting for Georges, I felt enough for him that I wasn't just disgusted watching his every move.

I'd definitely be interested in reading the book on which it was based, because so many of the characters were interesting.

I won't speculate as to why the film's IMDb score is so low, but I thought that this was a pleasant surprise and an engaging period piece. The performances alone are what bumps it from a 3.5 to a 4 for me.

Fear, 1954

A woman, Irene (Ingrid Bergman), returns from a fling with a man who is not her husband, only to be accosted by her lover's ex-girlfriend, Miss Schultze. Schultze sets about blackmailing Irene, with demands that begin with money but soon escalate. As thing go on, Miss Schultze seems to know more and more about Irene's life, and Irene struggles to keep the blackmail a secret from her husband and colleagues.

This is a really short, to the point film, but it still has some interesting twists and turns. I really liked the way that the film jumps right into the action, never showing us Irene with her lover. There's also a good deal of suspense built in to Irene's work: she is part of a scientific team developing a new sedative. Irene's access to the potentially deadly medication adds a layer of drama to the story.

Bergman does strong work as Irene. She portrays the mix of guilt, indignation, fear, and helplessness that one must feel on being blackmailed. I would have liked to maybe see a scene or two where Irene really lets loose, but I also understand that keeping cool is part of her character.

There are some neat moments and compositions to be had from the direction, especially a scene where a distraught Irene rushes down a long hallway.

Aside from wanting a bit more from the character of Irene, I wish that we'd had a bit more of her relationship with her husband or lover, or even with her kids. I think that you get to know a character largely through how they interact with others, and more of her interacting with others would have sketched out her character a bit better.

This was a solid little drama/thriller that managed to pack quite a bit of story into its relatively short runtime.

Where do you pick up these pearls of wisdom?

Although this was a rewatch, I haven’t viewed this in 10+ years and could hardly remember the plot. Another captivating Hitchcock film which goes to show they don’t make them like they used to. Great performances throughout from Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery with quite a tough subject matter for its time. This was thoroughly entertaining.

A good enough whodunit, which doesn't really follow up on it's premise. It's actually kind of fun to watch a politically incorrect film that touches on homophobia and sex in the 70's.

El Crack (1981) with the great Alfredo Landa

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A good enough whodunit, which doesn't really follow up on it's premise. It's actually kind of fun to watch a politically incorrect film that touches on homophobia and sex in the 70's.

James Garner is always enjoyable...

Iron Monkey (1993, Woo-Ping Yuen)

The martial arts/action choreography is next level unreal in this one.
The Eureka blu-ray transfer looks fantastic btw.

Tombstone (1993)



Not sure what to think of this film. It has like every film cliche known to man in it. As an unintentional comedy, it's pretty great... but even then it falls short of true glory. I took a gander at this film after seeing it on the Westerns Countdown we just had and I'm really surprised it rated so high... it wouldn't get my pick, that's for sure.
Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception. How many colors are there in a field of grass to the crawling baby unaware of 'Green'?

-Stan Brakhage

Since thursday

i don't like to rate movie because i love every minute of every movie but clearly some movie are better then other so just keep in mind that for me a bad movie it's 1 to 3 out of 10, ok movie are 4 to 5 out of 10, good movie are 6 to 7 out of 10, exellent movie 8-9 on 10, chef d'oeuvre 10/10

White Zombie
Great horror classic so close of the silent movie period you can still see his influence.

The last but not the best william Castle movie 5/10

Oz the great and powerful
Very enjoyable, the kids loved it 8/10

The Weapon
Great movie but just not enough to be a real classic, but if you like this kind of movie you'll find it enjoyable 6/10

Great horror movie but little to close to real life atrocity for me. So make me feel sad for few days after. This is the kind of movie i don't like to much. Cause i watch movie to clear my head and feel better but with this kind of movie i feel worst... 6/10

Furry vengeance
Great Brook Sheilds
Fat Brendan Fraser
Ok movie to watch with the kids even 2 time🙄 5/10

Digging up th Marrow
Don't lose your time. Kind of fake documentary. Still wachable but... 3/10

Don't know what to say. I guess there's too many Vamp flik. Well done movie... Kind of vampire version of Ginger Snap but not as good as Ginger Snap... 5/10

Sexcomedy few good scene but not enough 4/10

Very well done movie as everyone know... I guess. 8/10

Wizard of Oz
After seeing Oz the great and powerfull and Australia ( With wizard of oz reference) i had to see the classic with the kid. I still can't believe this movie was made in 1939... Acting is just little to much theatrical... Ok it was 1939... For me i'll put 8/10 but it deserve 10/10

Thanks for ready. Agree or not? Do i miss anything.
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Bacurau 2019 Directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles

Pleasantly surprised wasn't expecting this type of crazy thriller / western / mystery, great build up, loved it, muito bem film! Nudists with shotguns shootin' sidewayz Blam Blam!
Cheers the samoan lawyer for the heads up!

Smultronstället by Ingmar Bergman 7/10

She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

Sort of a weird film somewhere between philosophical drama, J-horror (especially Kairo), and arthouse (or maybe a stripped-down and shoestring budget Malick wannabe). There's no real plot except the titular concept, no explanations, no even a finite ending. Still, something in this slow and seemingly chaotic collection of scenes is moderately fascinating. I can't say I really liked it but it wouldn't surprise me if someone else did.