Guys Help!!!-I Got An Annoying Bully Problem


Well, their is little a--hole Dylan who's in my class who keeps bullying me eveytime he's near me he usually says "Where's my money? If you don't have my money I'll keep constantly coming to your locker and get my gang after you." and every time he's near me it's usually a threat. Almost everyday he keeps coming down my locker beating me up and bullying me. And I do nothing but usually do something retarded and say "You don't scare me. Kyron does." and that's all I'll usually say. I want to bring a knife to school incase he comes next to me and harrasses me. And not just him, but people in general. Uh, yeah, help! I always have to look out and rush before he comes.

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Well, do you owe him any money? If not, go tell a teacher or parent, if he is just coming up to you randomly bullying you, they should be able to do something about it. To me he just sounds like a little brat wanting some attention and trying to make himself feel big inside, just show him that you won't take his crap.

No I don't owe him money. I would never borrow money from an a-hole like him. Sometimes when I go to my locker to my stuff away I see him clenching his fists coming to my locker and run REALLY fast. I'm too scared to stick up for myself.

I seriously doubt any of this is true. I've seen you make up so many threads like this just to gain attention by people.

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Well, if you are too scared to stick up for yourself, tell a teacher or parent. That's the only thing you can really do without it resulting in fighting.

Well, if you are too scared to stick up for yourself, tell a teacher or parent. That's the only thing you can really do without it resulting in fighting.
I'm scared to do that too, I hate snitching. I want to get him to stop bullying me and I don't want to fight him I'll only hit him if he hits me.

How should I tell him to stop? And what should I do if he hits me?

Jerry Shaw, you have been activated.
Well, if you don't want to tell a parent or teacher, tell him to back the hell of and leave you alone, and if he comes to punch you, don't run away because that is making you look weak, when and if he throws a punch, I'd fight back, well, at least in our school the person who did the first punch gets in trouble.

It's getting really annoying and if I can't put stuff away in my locker because of him I'm gonna put a stop to this.

JS, I'm also going to confront him by slamming my locker and saying "I'm sick of your sh*t, now back the hell off and leave me alone." and if he hits me I'll grab his fist and hold it til he stops and if continues then I'll release my inner demons.

Seriously, I have to look left and right while I put stuff away in my locker and rush quick.


1. Put some cat or dog poop on a dollar bill and next time he asks you for money shove that in his face.

2. Pay for protection.

3. Every time you see him coming near your start screaming as loud as you can and say you will not take your clothes off for him. Actually go looking for him and do this.

4. Carry a small bottle of apple juice and throw it on his crotch and make fun of him peeing his pants.

5. Go pschyo on his arse.

I am kidding for the most part really, but just try to stand up for yourself the best you can. Protect your self the best you can if it comes down to it, but never give in. As far as snitching goes I understand the reluctance, but if it gets too serious you should mention it.

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First of all DONT TAKE A KNIFE OUT WITH YOU! thats just a stupid thing to do full stop!

I agree with Jerry if your having such a problem with this douche and his cling-ons then report thier ass to the head teacher or your parents or even to a councellor of some sort. There is no need for bullying at all and if you think taking a knife to school or anywhere you will end up in serious problem's my friend indeed. In the UK there is allot of knife crime at the moment and even if you get caught with a knife you can get jail time, so do the right thing and speak to someone, words are greater than the sword and all that
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I'm with MovieMan; I don't think this is legit.

If it is, bringing a knife with you is probably one of the dumbest things you could do. Not only will it get you in more trouble than him, but ff you can't hold your own against him in a fight, there's no reason to believe you can stop him from taking the knife, either.

Here's a brilliant idea: tell an authority figure. I don't care if someone will make fun of you, or if you're embarrassed. It's the only thing to do, short of standing up for yourself somehow. Barring either of those things, have you tried, uh, pointing out that you don't owe him any money? The correct answer to "where's my money" is not "you don't scare me." It's "I don't owe you any money, Einstein."

I thought all the kids carried shotguns these days anyhow.

Bringing a knife to gun fight indeed...
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

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Shouldn't you be posting on some emo teen message board?

And his gang? What is he an Outsider?
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And his gang? What is he an Outsider?
I bet it's
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