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Machine Girl (2008) - 5/10
What a shame. Try Mutant Girls Squad and my favourite Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. Here's a sneak peak:

In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.

The Parallax View (1974)

Spurred on by a Mark Kermode BBC4 presentation about spies I decided to check this out. Warren Beatty plays a journalist investigating a shadowy influential organisation. The whole feel of the film is....eerie. The dialogue is tight and the performances good. The paranoia is tangible in our main protagonist and seeps into the viewer, well, me anyway.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 (rewatch): 9/10
Fave Directors: Nolan, R. Scott, Scorsese, Spielberg, MacTiernan, Zwick, Tarantino.

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Kill Bill Vol. 1 (rewatch): 9/10
I've gained such a respect for KB1&2. I believe that just about anyone other than Uma Thurman would have been better, but it's dripping with cliche in all the right ways.
When women have a poet, they want a cowboy.
When they have a cowboy, they want a poet.
They'll say "I don't care if he's a poet or cowboy, so long as he's a nice guy. But oh, I'm so attracted to that bad guy over there."
Understand this last part, and you'll get them all.

Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy?
Attack (1956): 8/10

An intense war drama with enjoyable performances by Jack Palance and Lee Marvin. A bit cornball at times (as with many films of the 1950s) but overall worth checking out as a condemnation of the political war machine.

Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.

Cover Me Babe (Noel Black, 1970)
+ 5/10
Jennifer on My Mind (Noel Black, 1971)
Mirrors (Noel Black, 1978)
Things We Lost in the Fire (Susanne Bier, 2007)

When his best friend is murdered, Benicio Del Toro develops a unique relationship with his widow Halle Beert and her kids.
Coffee & Kareem (Michael Dowse, 2020)
+ 5/10
Corruption (C. Edward Roberts, 1933)
The Relationtrip (C.A. Gabriel & Renée Felice Smith, 2017)
What Men Want (Adam Shankman, 2019)

Due to receiving some doped-up tea from Haiti from a hairstylist medium, sports agent Taraji P. Henson can hear the thoughts of all males, which she certainly uses to her advantage.
Make Your Own Bed (Peter Godfrey, 1944)
+ 5/10
Kinetta (Yorgos Lanthimos, 2005)
4/10 Art House Rating 6/10
The Wrong Todd (Rob Schulbaum, 2019)
American Graffiti (George Lucas, 1973)

Whether it's '62, '73 or 2020, it's still one of the best.
Fathers & Daughters (Gabriele Muccino, 2015)
+ 5/10
Crosscurrent (Chao Yang, 2016)
Downhill (Nat Faxon & Jim Rash, 2020)
Albert Nobbs (Rodrigo García, 2011)

Glenn Close doesn't have much experience in public and her date Mia Wasikowska thinks he's kinda strange.
Panama Flo (Ralph Murphy, 1932)
+ 5/10
India Song (Marguerite Duras, 1975)
4/10 Art House Rating 7/10
Sunrise in Heaven (Waymon Boone, 2019)
Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Eliza Hittman, 2020)

Having or even considering an abortion is very painful.
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts. - John Wooden
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Dirty Harry - 1971

Clint is the man ha. Hard to believe dude is still making movies in 2020. Clint doesn't disappoint as a badass in the flick. Of course that famous line was enjoyable to finally see unfold. As a star vehicle it definitely works for Clint.

Anyways I see why this movie was really something in it's day. Probably quite innovative for the time. To me though the story was a little silly. I don't think it quite knew what it wanted the bad guy to be. He is like 3 different type of villains in one, he was kind of a mess. The action and performance were fine but motivations and unrealized turns of the movie were weird for me. What the hell was his motivation? To get Harry? To get money? To just cause chaos? Strange.

Movie just sort of left me unfulfilled besides some cool action sequences for 1971 and iconic Eastwood.

I'd give it a 2.8 out of 5

I came here to do two things, drink some beer and kick some ass, looks like we are almost outta beer - Dazed and Confused

The Invention of Lying - 2009

I had seen this movie before but it has been a long time since. It definitely has some laughs. The beginning had me cracking up. Then there are some laughs sprinkled in. But ultimately it losses it's zest once the gimmick of being too honest to the point where it becomes mean. Then it falls into the trap of going the generic romantic comedy route. It just had the potential to be a lot more to me then it ultimately became. It has some laughs and some sweet spots but you just leave it wanting more from it. I don't know.

Gervais certainly employs all his comedy buddies in this movie. Everytime you turn around there is someone who made it big after this movie. Gaffigan, Louis C.K., Jonah Hill, Tina Fey the list goes on and on. It's also funny who Gervais is very anti-religious but sort of in a way is a pro-religious movie. Pro heaven for sure ha. You could make an argument it isn't pro-religious as well. Anyways it's worth a gander for a few laughs and to see some stars before they were big stars haha.

2 out of 5.

Innocent Voices (2004) War/Drama

I shed tears. This was a heartbreaking realistic war drama about the Salvadorian civil war.

John Hillcoat, 2009

Probably the most successful dramatic scenery of an pos-apocalyptic western film, the photography alone is enough for you to enjoy this one, it was for me. This had dilemas, the most basic one, in a survivalist existence how to deal with morals? Gladly this one didn't round everything around the word of god, like the book of eli, instead it rounded around a loved one, a child, the future. Other one: in such a mess of depravity and malice all with impunity does it worth our effort to keep going, to play the game in a existence ruled by the rules of the wicked? Step by step being reminded of the bits of light, the remembrances, losing them to be able to survive in a great darkness.

Bad Boys for Life (2020)

There are some funny jokes and so-so action but other than that it's boring and pointless sequel. Even the humor is much tamer than I remember from the previous films (like boobs scene at the morgue in the second film). Not that I was expecting much...


Far and Away

The Last Samurai


Piper (2016) 4/5
Knick Knack (1989) 3.5/5
Lava (2014) 4/5
La Luna (2011) 3.5/5
Lou (2017) 3.75/5
Luxo Jr (1986) 3.5/5
Lifted (2006) 3.5/5
The Blue Umbrella (2013) 3.5/5
Bao (2018) 4/5

Spenser Confidential (2020)

Action comedy that doesn't have quite enough of either. Surprising change of style by Berg compared to his usual ultra-patriotic efforts. Inoffensive and watchable. Wahlberg playing himself as usual

2001 Monolith spotted at McDonald's Drive Thru
This movie really held my interest throughout. It's about a young man who apparently can look into the souls of strangers and tell whether they're going to Heaven or Hell. He also thinks he's a Son of God. Oh, and a ghost follows him around. I also want to go to Indianapolis now - it was beautifully shot.
2001 monolith recently seen at McDonald's Drive Thru

The Searchers (1956)

I cannot believe this because I watched this movie about 5 years ago and I gave it
. I remember saying that I didn't even like it that much but I wanted to give it credit for what it did well. I've been saying ever since that I didn't care for it, but I didn't even remember it that correctly. I would say that the comedy and musical interludes took me out of the movie, but these are actually brief, sporadic, and in fact they add to the greatness of the movie. The very first thing that's noticeable is how the movie looks, and I wouldn't hesitate to say that this is one of the best looking movies I've ever seen. The score is brilliant. There are several excellent characters and performances led by John Wayne as Ethan. For the most part Ethan is an ahole, but it's a great character and Wayne is fantastic. The Searchers is dramatic, thrilling, and even horrific, and when he picks her up and says that thing to her, I just died right there, tears instantly streaming down my face. This is top 10 material for me I loved it that much. I may not have ever even tried it again if it weren't for the upcoming westerns countdown. Even with that, I wasn't planning on trying it again until CR talked about it in his thread.