What are you listening to while you're MoFoin' it?


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The music doesn't tell me much, is more props and style, but this conquered me:

Remember, that we all are brothers
All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind
We all descend from the one great being
That was always there
Before people lived and named it
Before the first seed sprouted

A system of cells interlinked
Vintersea - Illuminated

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A system of cells interlinked
Not trve enough And the girl (the reason I clicked it) looks good, but I hate the nose ring. :P

Not really trve at all, I would say...

They are more prog metal though, so I guess they get a pass...

Here, this is Trve...

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Notice how:

- it's probably a cover of some American hit, but it's still better (I'm saying this without even listening to the original song, but it's always true: just look at Wink's Turn it Into Love)
- the video is probably inspired by Tarkovsky's Nostalghia
- the girl is h0t, but her thigh is thinner than my calf (would feed her - no pun intended)

Killswitch Engage - Unleashed
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