The Mandalorian (Star Wars)


I think Jon Favrou has something no on else has. Fondness by Disney because has given them 2 hits from the Jungle Book and Lion King Remakes and From the MCU Iron Man and Iron Man 2. I think Alan Horn gave Jon a crack at Star Wars and we see what happens when Kennedy cannot mess with there creative because she was sidetracked with Episode 9. Dave Filoni and John Favrou and Mandalorian vs Kennedy and JJ Abrams and Rise OF Skywalker. I Think even if Episode 9 Makes Last Jedi Numbers money wise. I Think Mandalorian could win over Iger and Disney and could see new change. Cause movies is one thing but Iger needs Disney Plus to work too so am sure he is looking at that.

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I haven't been so entertained or excited about a Star Wars project since all the way back to Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. I think the reasons why is Star Wars was an American sci-fi cover of the Hidden Fortress, and the Mandalorian is somewhat a Sci-Fi cover of Lone Wolf and Cub. Absolutely brilliant formula especially for a series. There's so much Star Wars lore that they're touching on quite smartly and smoothly and more importantly - organically. They're not introducing all sorts of new races and things just to sell more toys , they're just using the stuff that's been shown before in a very effortless fresh way. Anyone that doesn't really care for the Mandalorian I think it would be safe to say they just won't care for Star Wars projects at all.

Baby yoda is one of the best Idea's Disney Star Wars has came up with other then to make a new Boba Fett in the New Mandalorian. I hope they dont stop having Mandalorian and Baby Yoda adventures.


That is all.
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What confuses me is doesn't this take place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens?

So like, isn't that technically not Yoda? Pretty sure it's Steve.
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Epiosde 4 Is On Disney Plus and 4 episodes In and Its already replaced game of thrones for me as the next It show that has many seasons of good story ideas.

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So is it any good then? I saw reviews for ep 1 and the were OK, 7/10 type thing but obv it's only 1 episode of many.

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So is it any good then? I saw reviews for ep 1 and the were OK, 7/10 type thing but obv it's only 1 episode of many.
I picked up Disney + last weekend for all I was hearing about this show. I really enjoyed EPs 1 and 2, but with all the helmets in play, serious conversations were were getting hard to take seriously.

There are hundreds of nods to the OT, which has been nice, but wears on me some now into EP 4.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the show, and there is a strange, overwhelming cuteness that takes spotlight for the better part of two episodes; but, having watched ep4 last night I'm not sure how long that can be leaned on before becoming a crutch. I'm really feeling some 80's T.V. patterns of Hard Time on Planet Earth.

Right now it's veering away from Farscape and skidding firmly into Stargate. The series, not the movie.

With D+, I've watched a few older Disney sports flicks but the library appears to be quite small unless I'm missing a major search category. Two more EPS of The Mandalorian and I will have likely plateaued my viewing experience here.

For SURE worth the pilot. I'm just not sure of its staying power yet. Keep in mind that I'm never happy with anything so YMMV.

Dave Filoni Pilot episode was good I thought First Live Action. Episode 2 was just a fun episode 3 The best episode this season so far and Episode 4 introduces another great Character that could have its own series. The Mandalorian is best thing to happen to star wars and finale is after Episode 9 is released.

I've watched the first three episodes so far and have little mixed feelings. It's definitely more interesting than the new trilogy has been and its overall style has some promise. It just seems that there's not much going on; after the second episode, I was even wondering if they have a proper script or are just making an event or two up on the spot per episode. There are no characters or any sort of story after three episodes. I'm really hoping it manages to start something by the end of the first season.

P.S. Anyone else expecting this to become a PG-13 Lone Wolf and Cub in space?

We've gone on holiday by mistake
I'm still getting that "meh" feeling, that I was hearing after ep 1.

Really seems to be a dearth of creativity at LF. Again if only they hadn't binned the EU they could've leant on those bounty hunter stories, or the Rogue squadron series which could have been epic. Noobs.

They've learned the hard way I guess.

I'm digging it, a lot. Good vibe, not much fluff (could easily be padded a little and be close to an hour per episode), parsimonious storytelling with clear lines that really brings the original trilogy to mind. Little darker, too, with all the killing. They're not just doing a soft-and-cuddly hero bounty hunter.

Good stuff.