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The Matrix: Resurrections


No, I remember a throwaway line or 2 about not needing hard line locations anymore, and moving exits like the train.
I remember this, too, and I just thought "oh, okay, so I can just forget about the whole exit thing." But then during the end finding an exit was a thing again, somehow.

On a side note another actor I can't believe I didn't recognise, Jonathan Groff from Mindhunter (Holden), I knew he was familiar, I guess cause the characters are so unlike each other.

He's King George in Hamilton, too. He's very talented.

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I need to get to a keyboard so I can respond to some of this discussion.

Or do I not count because I’ve already seen it 3 or 5 times? xD

A system of cells interlinked
Barely made it through this stinker. All this time to put something together and THIS is what they come up with?


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In fairness, it's not like this was something they'd been working on since Revolutions came out - it was only in the last few years that the prospect of a new Matrix (be it a straight reboot or a Morpheus prequel or whatever) was floated and Lana wasn't initially on board to do anything with it.

Anyway, I dug it.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

A system of cells interlinked
Carrie-Anne Moss seemed disinterested and to be sort of slogging through her scenes. I did like the inference that a shared relationship between man and woman played into the balance of society, but like many of the ideas in the movie, it was never explored properly.

I didn't know who most of the crew were, and I didn't really care. The relationship with the machines was never really explained properly or explored. The entire film just seemed like a collection of ideas people had brainstormed, which then just got tossed into the flick at random times with no real conviction or finesse. Dire stuff.
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You ready? You look ready
I still say Smith is the smartest part of Resurrections, especially after that coffee shop surprise reveal at the end. What's so interesting about it is that, like the previous movies, Smith is an extension of the machines inside the Matrix but this time he is a free agent (oh Lord, I feel stupid just typing that ). The reason I bring it up is that when you rewatch it knowing the reveal it makes the handler programs all the more interesting.

WARNING: "Smith reveal" spoilers below
i.e. are the handlers acting the way they were programmed or is it Smith inhabiting them and exercising his agency to bring about Neo/Trinity's awakening? His power is directly correlated to balance out Neo/Trinity. So the more power he can unlock in them the more power he can assert himself. Basically, it is in his best interest to wake Neo/Trinity. Inevitability

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I hesitate to post cuz I kinda like the movie. It seems to have been pretty universally panned by most folks. And that's too bad. I mean, did you all really think we were gonna get another one of a kind Matrix film? C'mon man. Remember when he's explaining to Neo why he has to work on another Matrix game even tho he swore he'd never make another? That's why they made this and I think we were lucky to get some of the original people involved . This movie was gonna happen with them or without them. Overall I thought it was pretty good. It definitely could have been A LOT worse. I really loved the machine city revolution subplot and hope they get into that a bit more with the next two flicks.
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