RIP Abbas Kiarostami


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Upsetting news. He is the director who started me down the path of foreign and more art house films. Great writer and film maker.

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I never was a big fan, but I may watch some more of his films at some point.
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Wasn't aware he was that old. I thought he was in his 50's for some reason. Haven't seen anything by him yet but i've had Close Up ready to watch for a while so i'll need to get around to it soon.


I love his dialogue. Very ambiguous. I think you can see him all over Farhadi's stuff. So far I have seen Certified Copy, Taste Of Cherry, The Wind Will Carry Us, Like Someone In Love, Ten, and Close-Up. That would be order of preference for me.

If he was in his 50's, he couldn't have released his debut short film in 1970:
Yeah, i haven't seen anything by him so i'm not familiar with his filmography. The oldest film of his i'd heard of was Where Is My Friends Home? from the late 80's.

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Oh no... I'm already near tears.. I just got into him, Taste of Cherry, Close-Up, movies that made me feel.. and then the Hulu or Netflix membership of my cousin's expired.

**** this is horrible. he was pretty much my favorite director of all time. i was gonna watch the deer hunter tonight for cimino but now i'll probably watch certified copy or something. i had heard his health was failing but i also remember hearing he was planning a film in china or something and it sounded amazing. everybody needs to do themselves a favor and watch the koker trilogy.
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The guardian gave him a full article? I didn't know he was that "mainstream".

I watched 3 of his movies, all were super arid, pretentious and boring. Not my type of director for sure.

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The car motif reoccurs in Ten (2002), which consists of 10 long takes in close-up of a woman navigating through the streets of Tehran, during which she has conversations with various women passengers, including a prostitute, and her brat of a son. Kiarostamiís subtle criticism of the male-dominated society is reflected by the boy.
As subtle as a demolition hammer. Just your typical "avant garde" Marxist social criticism stuff that left wing newspapers like The Guardian like.

In Iran he is not regarded as one of their top director by the way. At least he doesn't show up in their top 10 national movies lists.

He is talking about me since i said i haven't seen anything by him. Don't see what the big deal is. He's an influential and well regarded director who i've been planning on exploring for a while, 3 Weeks Ago i posted that i was going to watch Close Up here -

I didn't end up seeing it because i watched a bunch of 50's films instead. Who knows maybe i'll hate his films like Guap but that doesn't mean i wouldn't say RIP. The only Cimino film i've seen is The Deer Hunter which i don't like at all and i still said RIP in his thread

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I followed this somewhat closely. I had known that he was trying to shoot a movie in China and that he was also diagnosed with cancer which was making the movie difficult to finish. I'm not surprised to hear the news but I'm definitely feeling very sullen.

Abbas Kiarostami was one of the greats. Anyone claiming him to be pretentious is likely just considering the somewhat slow pace of his movies. What's completely unpretentious is his respect for the audience, and our ability to see what's there and not there. What's also completely unpretentious is his love and respect for people. Jean-Marie Straub once said that Kiarostami was limited by being a tourist. Block headed Straub didn't realize that his tourism is his most essential quality, and that Kiarostami made some of the most important films about what it means to film people (more important, I'd say, than Straub-Huillet's own Too Early, Too Late). Abbas may be gone but everything that he said remains, and all of it is among the most vital in cinema.

For the uninitiated, my approximate ranking of my favorite 10 of his features:
Through the Olive Trees
The Wind Will Carry Us
Life, And Nothing More...
Certified Copy
Where is the Friend's Home
Taste of Cherry
Like Someone in Love

Orderly or Disorderly is also essential