Am I the only one who hadn't heard about this?

Still failing to realise that too much of a good thing can actually be pretty bad, those greedy Hollywood types are transplanting one of the most iconic movie characters ever to the smaller screen.

After the huge success of The Silence Of The Lambs (still the only horror film to have won a best picture Oscar), Hannibal Lecter became a household name (sorry Manhunter). Then there was Ridley Scott's Hannibal which was undoubtedly weaker but still conjured up some fascinating moments. After that we saw Red Dragon, which was solid but a bit too Brett Ratner-y.

Finally, if anyone can even remember, there was a pointless prequel entitled Hannibal Rising which was instantly forgotten. In September, it was announced that we'd be getting a TV series based around the famous cannibal and now, we have some more information.

NBC have picked up the show, called Hannibal, in the US, and it will be written and exec-produced by Bryan Fuller, best known for working on Heroes and Pushing Daisies. Apparently he's a fan of Lecter's dark, sick side but how this will fly on network TV is a tough one.

Fuller will write a script and if NBC approve, the show will bypass the pilot stage and go straight into a 13-episode order.

Details on the plot are still sketchy but all that's been said is that the series would “centre on Lecter’s early days, namely his time going head-to-head with FBI agent Will Graham.”

It's not the only TV series based on a movie that we have to look forward to. The Tom Cruise/John Grisham thriller The Firm is also coming onto our screens next year.

Can this work as a network show? Were it not for Bryan Fuller, I'd write it off completely. Even so, I just can't see it being good if they stay 'true' to the film. However, if they turn it into the kind of show the original inspired, Criminal Minds, for example, then it might prove entertaining enough if you forget the origins. Apparently, Fuller has seven seasons planned out for Hannibal.

Fuller's bringing back some of his previous contributors for his latest crack.

Caroline Dhavernas and Chelan Simmons (Wonderfalls) are set to star, with Simmons playing the same character she did in Wonderfalls as part of a crossover. There's also Lara Jean Chorostecki (Freddie Lounds), Laurence Fishburne (Jack Crawford) and Gina Torres (Crawford's wife). Hannibal will be played by Mads Mikkelson and Will Graham by Hugh Dancy.

Rather than make another thread, I'll just mention here that Fuller's also rebooting The Munster's. Now called Mockingbird Lane.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new version of the sitcom will feature Jerry O'Connell (Piranha 3D) as Herman Munster and Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development) as his wife Lily, with Eddie Izzard as Grandpa Munster.

"We wanted this to look like if Hitchcock was directing a Harry Potter film," Fuller told the crowd, and noted that he was inspired to retell the Munsters story after visiting an art exhibit by Tim Burton in New York.
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NBC passed on the Munsters revamp, but they are airing the pilot tonight with the possibility they may change their mind if it does well in the ratings.
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Finished here. It's been fun.
Indeed. Cannot wait for this show to come back, I really hope that the network doesn't drop the show because Hannibal is quality. From the impeccable cinematography and eerie mood, to the fantastic acting.

^^^^^ Oh hochi-Mama! Caroline Dhavernas is gorgeous. Am smitten.

I avoided this show when I first heard it was coming. The only good Lecter flicks imo were Silence Of The Lambs, and the Red Dragon remake (sorry Michael Mann, not that flick). Just thought they were squeezing the sponge to try and get every last drop of profit off the Lecter name.

So Im recently going thru "best of" lists trying to find a series to watch, and in the top 5 of all lists is the tv show Hannibal. I thought what the hell. I was hooked in the first 15 minutes. The way they transformed the crime scene to the Will Graham characters perspective when he "gets into the head" of the killer, was more chilling than however displayed in prior films.

Fishburne is playing a louder and angrier Jack Crawford. I think its purposeful so he doesnt look like the CSI character he finished playing.

Hugh Dancy is absolutely killing-it with Will Graham. His performance is emmy worthy, and hes doing a fantastic job with all thats asked. A unique opportunity to be able to play the hero, villain when "imagining", and victim all at the same time.

Mikkelson is ok and safe as Lecter. When he's not having to play him so guarded I think he will be able to show more.

This show is a cut above normal tv. Its a true horror show though, and not for everyone. If that doesnt bother you and you like quality, then this is must see television. I hope they follow this thru the three books, and beyond what Harris wrote. I trust in their ability to finish the Lecter story better than Thomas Harris himself.

Finished here. It's been fun.
One of the best shows on TV. It gets better and better each episode.

Im just starting season 2, and that opening scene between Lector & Crawford was awesome, and of course they leave us hanging!

I think I figured out what led up to that scene, but Ill have to wait 11 weeks to find out. bastids

Finished here. It's been fun.
Im just starting season 2, and that opening scene between Lector & Shephard was awesome, and of course they leave us hanging!
Talk about a killer opening to the season. I think its an interesting idea to begin a flash-forward of what will happen in the near future. I think we'll see Hannibal's therapist Bedelia play a role in his downfall.

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I hope so. She needs more screen time. I love the way Anderson plays her. Almost kind of creepy, but in a way that you want to learn more about her and what goes on in her head.

I hope so. She needs more screen time. I love the way Anderson plays her. Almost kind of creepy, but in a way that you want to learn more about her and what goes on in her head.
Yeah Gillian Anderson is exceptional in her role, and I was surprised. Her portrayal of Lecters psychologist reminds me of Robin Wrights in House Of Cards. Seemingly cold, emotionless, but deep reasons for it.

Gillian Andersons scene with Dancy in the asylum was "everything".

Oh my gosh this episode was off the hook! So much stuff happening I dont think a second was wasted. They are moving this story along at rapid pace.

Finished here. It's been fun.
This show just keeps upping the ante each episode. Brilliant episode, especially the final scene. Beverly is probably heading the way of sushi I'm afraid.

This show just keeps upping the ante each episode. Brilliant episode, especially the final scene. Beverly is probably heading the way of sushi I'm afraid.
What a white knuckler the last episode was! This may have been the best episode yet of the series.

Im wondering how far Fuller is wanting to take Lecter. With 7 seasons, and with a lean brisk pace he could cover thru Red Dragon, Lambs, and Hannibal. They could take it beyond Hannibal which I think is a story that must be told as it would be the last one. To anyone thats read the last book Hannibal, there is no way in creation the FBI would ever let that go.

Nevermind I found an answer to my own question, and its real good news

From Wiki -

Fuller plans for the show to run for seven seasons: the first three consisting of original material, the fourth covering Red Dragon, the fifth The Silence of the Lambs, the sixth Hannibal, and the seventh an original storyline resolving Hannibal's ending.[14] He wants to include other characters from the book series (such as Jame Gumb and Clarice Starling) provided that he can get the rights to them from MGM.[15] Franklin Froideveaux and Tobias Budge were created because Fuller could not secure the rights to The Silence of the Lambs characters Benjamin Raspail and Jame Gumb.[16] Fuller has also stated that even though they tried to get the rights to Barney Matthews, an orderly at the Baltimore State Hospital, they were denied usage rights. A character based on Barney will appear in the second season.[17]

Another great episode of Hannibal tonight. Glad they brought back a certain person thought dead.