Movie where man hangs himself with music box playing


All I can remember is I think it an oldish movie (maybe the 50's), but definatley ends with a Man hanging himself (not that you see it, it's implied) and the soundtrack is a Music Box playing. It may have have content relating to the war or the Jewish plight - its so long ago hard to remember. But that music box theme haunts me, it was sad.

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I'm not sure what you mean about the music box theme - is there an actual music box or just the sort of music that might play in a music box? The Shop on Main Street (1965) has many of the other elements you mentioned so might be worth checking out the ending of that on yt.

an actual music box playing, not sure if just the music or the music box is also part of the story.

Wow - The Shop on Main Street (1965) is certainly close. However, I'm fairly sure the one I'm thinking of was in colour and the end pans to the street out of focus (I think) and again with a music box playing. Thank, I really appreciate you putting me on to The Shop on Main Street (1965)

Are you sure it's a music box? Do you see the music box?

The Third Man has one of the main men dying towards the end, and the zither is a unique instrument in movie soundtracks. You might think it is a music box.

Sorry not The Third Man,and definately is a Music Box playing. The reason I looking is for the tune the Music Box was playing. Thanks Anyway - another Great Film.