A Boy and his Dog


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Most disturbing line ever: "I don't mind"

I report, you decide.

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When the boy goes for a second helping of sex from the girl, the girl says "I don't mind."

I see it as a victim pleading for mercy.

Without seeing the movie, I cant possibly comment, but I have heard quite a few disturbing lines and I cant believe that is the worst ever.

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I don't remember that being disturbing at all, let alone most disturbing line of all time.
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Great movie, probably my favorite post-apocalyptic film. The ending is unforgettable

I didn't find that line particularly disturbing, but I will say the film as a whole gives a sense of unease. It's bleak to the point of depressing, but still a very satisfying experience.

Don Johnson in an early movie role. Not a bad flick. Fairly low-budget of course.