What are the most cynical/depressing movies ever?


Taxi Driver, The Treasure of the Sierre Madre and Five Easy Pieces are the best ones said so far imo. For cynical that is not depressing. Here's two very depressing movies i've watched recently, i wouldn't reccomend either because i didn't enjoy them.

Loved, loved, loved My Own Private Idaho...for my money, Keanu Reeves' finest hour.

This movie has the most depressing scene ever at the end of it... its a must see

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What Dreams May Come is one of the most depressing movies ever made. Now that Robin has passed, it's even sadder.

I've said this before,I think -

Johnny got His Gun (1971)
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969)
Taxi Driver could count as well.
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On topic:

I never again want to see The House of Sand and Fog. Beautifully done film, outstanding acting but it put me in a funk for hours after watching it.

The documentary Genocide. The Oscar winning film that's the only genuine WWII doc streaming on Netflix.
Regarding fiction, take into the fact that Lars Von Trier's films don't happen to be cynical and/or depressing, but that he specifically tries to make them that way. He has a depression trilogy after all.

Also the art house film Last Exit To Brooklyn
But mine goes to 11

Night’ Mother
looking for mr. goodbar (that ****ing ending)
wendy and lucy
mysterious skin
fantastic 4 (2015)
august: osage county
cries and whispers
nothing bad can happen
the grey zone
monster’s ball
the normal heart
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Requiem for a Dream wrecked my ability to sleep and overall mental stability for a few days. I can't think of any other movies that have done this to me.

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Mystic river

I had a lot of trouble with Gattaca the first time round. When Vincent has his legs surgically altered to make him the same height as Jerome, it made me so miserable I couldn't get any further. Later I did watch the whole film, and I think it's a very good one with an important message.