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I'll just be miffed for a second... depending on how it plays out if he's still alive. He IS a good character to keep around -- one of the few who believes Will.

Fuller is changing the original stories or tweaking them, but the end result is kept the same. The point is hes telling an incredibly fun seven season story with visuals unmatched,and strong acting. Has there ever been a tv series with better visuals than Hannibal? Seriously Im asking.

I have no idea how theyre gonna wrap the season up. I only know that its gonna be wild, and we will want more.

Im hoping beyond hope that this one makes it, but how can I be confident?

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Last night's episode was f'ing AMAZING! I seriously hope they can stay on the air long enough for all 7 seasons. I really, really want to see the return of Mason.

And no, I have never seen a show quite like this. For such grotesque subject matter, it is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors. It's like watching a moving painting. This is the finest thing I have ever seen on network and it's right up there with some of the premium cable options. For once NBC gets kudos for pushing the envelope and bringing us some truly great television. Anthony Hopkins is a fantastic Lecter, and it may be blasphemy, but Mads is taking over this role and I just love watching when he is on screen.

Season finale tonight! My prediction is somebody's gonna die.
Ok Tongo, you know I dont get to watch it until Saturday morning.... can we hold off on any comments until then..... please??

Ok Tongo, you know I dont get to watch it until Saturday morning.... can we hold off on any comments until then..... please??

Dont worry Gal that wasnt a spoiler as much as an obvious guess (joke).

The best season finale Ive seen in years. They even had an easter egg after the credits.

The best season finale Ive seen in years. They even had an easter egg after the credits.

Tongo, I have to agree. A great season finale. I cant wait for season 3. The network has pressed their ability very far this season. Will they continue to push farther? and will they be allowed to continue the gruesomeness?

I'm a bit let down, to be honest. Very little was explained. When and how were Jack and Alana fully convinced of Hannibal's guilt? Alana fought the idea all year long, and we just jump right over that? This has been a lingering, patient show that's focused heavily on people's feelings, motivations, and decisions, so it seems bizarre to jump past this. I can appreciate a slow-burning, deliberate story, but not if all that pondering means you have to rush past major developments later.

Also, in retrospect, I don't think showing us the fight between Jack and Hannibal really added anything. And what exactly was the plan/purpose with Abigail? Everything seem designed to just pay off in the moment, but then you've gotta double back and justify the choice.

And while I can appreciate a good cliffhanger, it does feel a little cheap to set things up so literally all or none of the characters at the end (save Abigail) could either be dead or alive next year.

Part of me would admire it if they killed them all off and started fresh, though I don't think they will and hope they don't. I think Will's definitely alive, but that's about it.

Still a great show and a great season, and plenty of great moments, but I think there were some significant missteps here.

Well heres how I saw it...

WARNING: "Season 2 Finale Spoilers" spoilers below
After the Dr Chilton arrest and shooting Jack and Alana knew something was up. They just knew Dr Chilton was incapable regardless of the evidence. This opened Jack to what Will had been saying all along. Pretty dang sure the scene of Will and Jack fishing was after the Chilton incident.

Was glad to see Jack Crawford be suspended and there was an arrest warrant for he and Graham. I was thinking in the back of my head "This is b.s." during some of their theatrics this season. A stab at authenticity is better than nothing.

I knew Abigail Hobbs was alive all along. In the books, I think it was "Hannibal", Lecter remembers back to a Abigail Hobbs which the FBI were convinced he killed when in fact he just cut off her ear so they could find it to come to that deduction. In the books he had got her a new identity and they ended up pen pals.

Now in the books Alana Bloom dies, and its the one act Hannibal thought which destroyed any chance of friendship between he and Graham. Mind you the Abigail Hobbs, and Alana Bloom references were just that in the books, not even a paragraph or more to encapsulate their stories.

So how Fuller changed things is have Abigail Hobbs be the one he kills and destroys the Will/Hannibal relationship instead of Alana (YES! She lives! )

As for why Hannibals psychiatrist did a 180 and was in allegiance with him, I have no idea. Nice touch though.

The Adventure Starts Here!
WARNING: "Finale stuff" spoilers below
I dunno. I think I'm with Yoda on this one, re. the 180-turnarounds for Alana and Jack. Frankly, when those things came up last night, I panicked and thought I must have missed an entire episode or two because it felt like a complete jump for both of them. I never was convinced that I HADN'T missed an episode until reading Yoda's comment above.

As for Gillian Anderson's character doing her 180: Well, in the very, very strange scene a few episodes ago where she is in an interrogation room talking -- with that creepy, stilted, I-look-and-act-like-I'm-CGI acting -- she did talk a LOT about how Hannibal manipulates people, even to the point of making them want people dead that HE wants dead, including people they care about. She's very convincing about just how adroit he is at luring people to his side.

So, either she changed her mind *after* that interrogation room scene and went back to Hannibal (and I do hope they show us how that all went down in season 3), or she had never left his side of things and was putting on a strange and eerie show in the interrogation room.

My first thought at the end of the episode was that they were certainly going to save a LOT of money on salaries in season 3.

Well Im just not understanding the perception that Jack and Alana did a 180 in the final. There is no evidence that changed their mind, but gut hunches that were shown in prior episodes.

Alana was suspicous of Will Graham. Then Will put a loaded gun in her hand for her own protection. Right then I think she opened her eyes some. Then when Dr Chilton was the supposed killer she, like Will, just blew it off as pure nonsense. When she saw Freddie wasnt dead and under FBI protection all doubts were gone.

Jack Crawford on the other hand just didnt believe Dr Chilton capable. There was no evidence that proved Chilton wasnt the killer, and tons that he was.....just like Will Graham when he was accused. The fact that everything was on such a display and so easily found made Jack suspicious. He had a conversation with Graham just the episode before how he was hanging his neck out on this.

Well Im just not understanding the perception that Jack and Alana did a 180 in the final. There is no evidence that changed their mind, but gut hunches that were shown in prior episodes.
She was totally on Hannibal's side, and in the finale, she totally believed he was evil. When did that happen? What did we see to suggest this was happening?

She wasnt totally on his side for 2 eipisodes or so. Her first doubts started the episode Hannibal smelled the gunpowder on her.

There were 2 things I did not like about the final...

WARNING: "2 things I did not like about the final" spoilers below
Why would Hannibal kill Abigail?! It was purely contrived. He went at lengths to make it appear she was killed, and eaten by Graham. Like in the books, he simply cut her ear off and made sure she bled all over. Then he hid her away, but in the series he kills her in front of Graham. Why?!

The only reason I could think of is a creatively void one, they wanted to kill Abigail off instead of Alana. In the books Alana dies thereby gaining Grahams undying hate, but Hannibals captured. The series Hannibal isnt.

Why would Graham warn Hannibal with a call? The same call with wordage Hannibal made to Hobbs. Theyre definitely making Hannibal out to be the mind bender breaker swayer. So at the last minute Graham decides to warn Lecter because theres a warrant out for his and Jacks arrest.

As Im writing this Im remembering Graham warning Jack (I think the episode before the final) that Hannibal will try and kill him, and in the kitchen even. So that was really Grahams & Jacks hail mary attempt to make him act. Ok maybe 1 thing I didnt like then.

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Alana was turned when the Freddie plan was revealed. The scene of showing her that Lounds was alive is all we needed to fill in the gaps. That being a "shock" scene for the viewer implies that there is an obvious conversation as to Jack and Will's plan. It's not a great leap from there to see her turn on Hannibal. One of the things I admire about the show is that nothing is really dumbed down for us. Heavy dialogue and fairly intricate plots with enough story for us to fill in the gaps on our own. WE fill in the gaps for Alana turning, to allow for other scenes, rather than showing us 10 minutes of Alana being convinced Hannibal is evil.

Lecter and Abigail: Lecter is probably the smartest serial killer in all of tv and movies. I believe Abigail is kept alive for two reasons. 1, he sees a new pupil in her to mold. 2, it is essentially the same thing Jack and WIll did with Lounds. Hannibal likes to make sure he has options. The moment he smells Lounds' hair on Will he knows it is all over and in order for him to survive he has to get rid of Abigail. Part of it is his own anger at Will's betrayal. He thought he had someone he could really be friends with, so what does a serial killer do when his heart is broken? He kills everyone and walks out the door.

My bets for who lives and dies: Will and Jack live. Fuller has never strayed too far from the story we all know, so in order for the Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal story lines to remain intact those two have to survive. Alana dies, because she believed a little too late and she slept with Hannibal. Abigail dies (fairly obvious, although in a finale interview Fuller joked that she survived having her neck cut before. I still think she dies though. there is no longer any need to have her in the story).

That's my $.02