Recommend me a ..........Road Movie


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After watching Badlands and Paris, Texas I thought I'd have a look at some more Road Movies. Can anyone recommend me some great ones please?

I've seen all these below, so something similar would be good. No comedies if possible:

Straight Story
Bonnie and Clyde
Paris, Texas
O Brother where art thou
True Romance


the best one is without a doubt, thelma and louise, pure 90s escapism fun

Little Miss Sunshine is my personal favorite road movie. It is a comedy-drama, but a uniquely dark one that still manages to be very upbeat at times.

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Y Tu Mama También
Strangely enough, I've just put this on the list after posting. It's been recommended to me a few times so I'll definitely watch this one. Thanks.

I also recommend Sideways and Little Miss Sunshine, both awesome.

Something a bit darker and a film which made me never look at Brad Pitt the same way again... Kalifornia. It's not a favourite or anything but a good film nonetheless.

Oh and how could I forget Natural Born Killers. Love that movie.

Oh, and my favourite movie of all time: Almost Famous.