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What's currently the most prized item in your DVD collection and why?


F*** it!!!! I'm not here often enough to change it
I'd say this is the best packaged item I have. I'm not too into that sort of thing, though.

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I might want to add this one as well.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Let's try to be broad-minded about this
I'd say this is the best packaged item I have. I'm not too into that sort of thing, though.

dayum, Band of Brothers is expensive but well worth it

i jjjust bought Apocalypse Now and it is in a little confidential case and when you open it this is on the back

badass right

Back to the futur trigloy
spider-man trigloy
Family ties seaosn1 thur 4
Quatnam leap-season1 thur 5
the incredaibale hulk-season 1 thur 4
He-man master ofthe univser 2002 cartoon volumeone and two
supermario brother super show
the jerfferson 1 thur 3
the hoony mooners
I love lucy seasons 1 and 2

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Scrubs 1 - 6
Family guy 1 - 7
American Dad 1 - 3
Futurama 1 - 4
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My most prized item in my DVD collection would have to be my Quentin Tarantino box set, which includes pulp ficiton, reserovir dogs and jackie brown.
others are probably my fight club special edition, my alfred hitchcock collection or the godfather boxset.

St Elmos Fire

I could not find it at all until lol I had to buy it in a 3pack! i only wanted this movie lol

the godfather collection
great movie, also scarface and a couple other classics.

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Here are the DVDs that I love most in my collection,

Evil Dead Book of the dead edition,

Battlestar Galactica 20 disc collection boxset,

Friday 13th 1 - 8 Boxset,

Nightmare on elm street collection [Pic above]

Rambo 1 - 4 collection Boxset

Peep Show series 1 - 5 boxset.

Complete Blackadder collection

Banned from Hollywood.
The Star Wars trilogy has to be the most expensive item in my DVD collection I remember having paid 60euros for that one (i think that's nealry 70-75 in dollars)

followed by the Rocky complete saga...30 euros (40-45 dollars)

someone correct me with the conversions if they know but i think that's about right
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Well, I have the Steelbook 2disc special edition of the dark knight. Very proud of it.

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Spikez's DVD Collection

Last Movie Seen: The Breakfast Club

Anarchist within reason
The Wire: Series One Box Set ADDICTED!! ADDICTED!!

Clint Eastwood Collection: A Fist Full Of Dollars, A Few Dollars More, The Good the Bad and The Ugly, Hang em High, High Plains Drifter, The Outlaw Josey Whales

Bill Hicks: Revelations My hero!!
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Let's try to be broad-minded about this
Lord of the Rings Extended Editions

and The Man with no Name box set

and Dr. Strangelove because i was so happy that i finally found it

I've got several. Mostly my best box sets, gift sets and special packaging.

Blade Runner Ultimate Edition. I have this in both HD DVD and standard DVD editions.

E.T. Gift Box

Knight Rider complete series


Dirty Harry Ultimate Edition

Forbidden Planet Ultimate Edition

Get Smart Best Buy Shoe Phone Packaging

Indiana Jones

Superman Ultimate Edition

Lord of the Rings Extended trilogy

Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box

007 Ultimate Set

X-Files Complete Collector's Edition

Fraggle Rock Complete Series

Family Guy Blue Harvest Gift Set

The Dark Knight Target Exclusive

RIGHT now smallville,1,2,34 and 7
i'm wanting 5 and6 i got good deal for seaon 7 20 bucks for season 7. i want to get them all have a marthorn of smallville.