MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - The Season


The trick is not minding
Man. That trade was my worst decision. What a desperate play for a RB who didn’t even pan out.

Not much I could do though, since I had no other options really available. Now I need to win my last 3 games and hope the others ahead of me lose.

I have Kupp back, and maybe Patterson (likely) and Jones (unlikely) both returning this week may help with that, but my WR took a bit of a hit now. Hopefully either Smith or Higgins can bounce back.

Don't ya just love it when a guy has 3 catches and 2 of those go for Td's? I do.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

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Well crap. The cards were stacked against me going into this week, so I didn't have much hope going into the games. I had gambled on Mike Vrabel trying to be sneaky with his late RB add, as he used to play for the Pats, and I thought that maybe he was counting on using a guy on which there was very little film for ol' Bill to study. Turns out that was spot on, but unfortunately, it will not be enough. While Vrabel's secret weapon did do very well for me, I had both my RBs out this week, and Hines did close to nothing to help my team. Add to that a suboptimal performance from Stafford and Waller getting hurt, and that, as they say, is that.
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The trick is not minding
Adding on the injuries yesterday, both McCaffrey (again) and Dalvin Cook were added to the list.
In Cooks case, he has been diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder. RB slot has suffered more than any other position this year, which isn’t surprising.
In CMC’s case, this is yet another injury to add to the last few years.

Well OBJ finally came alive with a new team. AB has to be back by this weekend id think, and so will Amari Cooper. Brought in over 150 points without them yesterday, but its all for naught. Ive already lost 7 games and have no playoff potential. All I can do is ruin anyone else chances. Please lean closer to your monitor so I can drink your tears.

Welp, that's prolly gonna do it. I guess 6-8 could get in but it's not likely.

Pretty sure I'm gonna finish with about as many points as multiple playoff teams, though.

I was actually favored to win by the projections, and though I had a path to victory all the way up until the final drive of the MNF game, ultimately I settled into the inevitable loss I had coming. That I always have coming.

My team really rises or mostly falls based on the floor of Lamar Jackson's weekly performances. He has had some great games, some gaudy stats, and some head-scratching duds. This week The Ravens managed to pull out the win against their divisional foes from Cleveland but that was despite Lamar throwing four interceptions versus one TD. He finished with a paltry 11.40 points against a 28.32 projection. I don't have the kind of squad that can dig me out of that kind of a hole very often. If he don't go big I don't get there.

Deebo Samuel continued to amaze. Even though he has become a default running back rather than a wide out he got another two touchdowns and over twenty fantasy points. Of course now Deebo is gonna be out for a couple weeks with a minor injury. Davante Adams had another more-than-solid game in the Packers win, going over a hundred yards on eight receptions...but he never found the endzone to spike his fantasy numbers into the twenties. And now he is on a BYE. Devonta Freeman did OK as Baltimore's defacto number one back, but he did not find the endzone this week either. Jerry Jeudy caught only two passes in the first half as Denver controlled their win with the ground game, and worst of all George Kittle who had three good games in a row caught only one pass on two targets for a lousy 1.80 points.

And yet despite all of that I still kinda had a shot, though a long one, with the Monday Night game. I only had Antonio Gibson left to play while PW had Terry McLaurin, J.D. McKissic, and Russell Wilson. In years past just having Wilson alone would be good for thirty-some points. Certainly not this year. As the game wore on Wilson was pretty ineffective, though he avoided any turnovers, and McLaurin was finding his QB is actually targeting other people in Washington uniforms for once. It came down to McKissic. All year Gibson has been a true workhorse, but when the Football Team gets down near the goal line his teammate McKissic comes in and gets the score. Which is exactly what happened last night. Antonio had 111 yards rushing plus seven short catches for another 35. That added up to 20.10 points! Which is great. But I needed spectacular. McKissic saw far fewer touches for 30 yards on the ground plus five catches for 26...but he scored two TDs. All of that gave him a total of...yup, 20.10 points.

Russell Wilson finally got one long drive at the end of the game. Had he thrown a pick in that drive I might have just had enough points to win. He did miss the two-point conversion that would have sent the game into OT. But even with all of that if Antonio Gibson had just one of McKissic's two scores that 12-or-so-point swing would have given me the victory.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts then every day would be Christmas. This loss should keep me in twelfth place no matter what happens the rest of the way.

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A system of cells interlinked
I hadn't checked my game since Monday morning, and I just jumped on to slot my guys in for this week...and somehow...I ended up winning! Metcalf had one of the worst games of his career, netting under 2 points. I am stunned!

Im looking to upset the #1 ranked Parrotheads this week, and oddly enough Im confident. Reality is so overrated.

My QB situation is driving me batty. For the past two months I've been riding with Wentz and Tannehill, but every single week I've chosen the wrong starter, and it's cost me a couple victories along the way in close match-ups. Dropped Tannehill last week and started Heinicke but the streak continued as Wentz had 26 on my bench, doubling Heinicke's total. Aggravating, but at least I got a much-needed win, potentially saving my season. Whichever QB I start this week will inevitably be the wrong choice. Currently leaning toward Wentz against Houston, but it's easy to envision game flow working against me if Taylor and Indy's DEF dominates, leading to a low-volume passing day.

I've already lost 7 games and have no playoff potential
Win your next two games and you're likely in the playoffs. All three 6-6 teams are currently projected to lose this week, and you've got each of us beat on points scored this season. You could also potentially leapfrog WhentheLe'VeonBreaks if he drops his next two games, which is certainly a possibility now that he's lost McCaffrey and Swift to injuries.

This week I've got a tough match-up with Yoda and next week I have to contend with several byes, so I'm very worried that I'm about to miss the playoffs for the first time.

Man. That trade was my worst decision.
If I lose because Godwin goes off this week, I'm going to hunt you down and glower at you meanly from across the street while shaking my fist in an intimidating manner for trading away a very good WR in a great offense for a back-up RB (and an injured WR) the same week that the starter returned.

Robinson actually got injured almost immediately after the trade. It was kind of amazing.

Whether Williams was actually going to be the back-up was the subject of quite some debate at the time, however (CEH hadn't even been cleared when the trade was accepted, IIRC). Obviously they went right back to CEH. Stupidly, I think most of us would agree.

Anyway, Godwin killed me this week with 2.70 points, about 10 fewer than the next guy I would've played in his place, so I'd say it's just as likely you'll be sending him a nice fruit basket or something.

Whether Williams was actually going to be the back-up was the subject of quite some debate at the time, however (CEH hadn't even been cleared when the trade was accepted, IIRC). Obviously they went right back to CEH. Stupidly, I think most of us would agree.
Yeah, I stupidly started Williams over CEH in my other league that week, thinking that Williams would continue to be heavily involved even if CEH technically drew the start. Fortunately that decision had no bearing on the outcome of my game that week, as I got blown out anyway.

Anyway, Godwin killed me this week with 2.70 points, about 10 fewer than the next guy I would've played in his place, so I'd say it's just as likely you'll be sending him a nice fruit basket or something.
He was saving all his points for the 30-burger he's about to drop on me.

You've got good depth, so it won't surprise me if Cooks and/or Javonte Williams outscore Godwin this week, but between the three of them, Godwin is certainly the one who worries me the most due to his ceiling.

Anyways, shouldn't you be resting your starters now? Time to look toward next year and see what you have in your back-ups. Improve your draft stock. Isn't that how this football thing works?

It's just so dumb when one RB performs clearly better than another and still can't be The Guy. I'm not saying he needs to be the only guy on the field, but you'd think there'd at least be a clear time share. Anyway, we all play that RB roulette at our own peril. There's a lot of value there, but a lot of corresponding risk.

I agree I'm probably still playing Godwin, but man, I don't feel great about it. If you had a big injury or something so that I was a clear on-paper favorite, I'd be very tempted to play Javonte Williams instead, because I think he has a higher floor. There's also a really decent chance I play them both because of Hopkins, who looks like he'll play, but it could be one of those stupid decoy things and/or he might just sit early.

Once I'm formally eliminated from the playoffs I'll sit down and figure out just what would've happened if I'd gotten Ekeler instead of Barkley (which came close to happening two different times). I made a calculated choice to prioritize the late season there which I still think makes sense, particularly since he didn't even have an issue relating to the ACL: it was just a total freak injury where the dude just stepped on his ankle.