MoFo Fantasy Football 2021 - The Season


I have Derrick Henry in my other two leagues. He's the one player I couldn't afford to lose. I'd contemplated trading him in the next few weeks, worried that his massive workload would catch up to him by the end of the season, but had decided that the smartest option would probably be to keep him. After all, so many other top RBs have already dealt with injuries this season, and Henry has been remarkably durable throughout his career. He's just built differently than other dudes. Sucks to wake up and discover that any chance I had of winning the championship in my other leagues has just vanished over night. Henry is the reason why I have a trophy sitting on my desk at home when he helped me win the MOFO Bowl in 2018. He appeared to be on his way to winning me $500 in my money league this season.

Also sucks for the real-life product. He's the best RB in the NFL and one of my favorite players to watch. I was rooting for him to win the MVP this season just to disrupt the monotony of QBs winning the award every year. He has the potential to be an all-time great, so hopefully this injury is a one-time setback and not a harbinger of things to come.

Have Henry in one of my leagues. Yeah, my shot in that league is definitely gone. But at least I have Ridley and James Robinson too. And Dak. And Gronk.

Now I don't want to hear it from anybody

I gotta wonder if Drew brees is contemplating a comeback. Helluva situation. Both QBs out and the saints are still pretty damn good.
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

I think he's done. Even just two years ago he looked way more spry than the other old QBs. He was shockingly mobile for his age, but his last season there was a precipitous drop, at least in mobility. Not that a lot of the other older guys ever had it, but still, think it was a slightly bigger part of his game. He had to do a lot without a lot of protection. These guys can play forever if you invest a ton of money in the offensive line, though.

Yeah, I don't know if I'd come back if it were me. Worth thinking about tho. And Thomas potentially coming back in a week or two? Damn. If Sean Payton called him already, I bet he at least took the call.

The tracking algorithms are really something these days. I tell you what. Remember we were talking about Carson awhile back and how I believe he's done for the year and probably his career? Well, the YouTube algorithm got a hold of that and recommended this video to me. I have no idea who he is but he breaks it down completely.

The trick is not minding
Well, the dust has settled and Empire holds on to his #1 position with another close win. But LKA is right behind him after winning his 6th straight!

Next week there are 3 big matchups to watch, in terms of the playoff race.

First is myself vs WtLB. Both standing at 4-4, a loss will leave one of us on the outside looking in. This match may hinge on CmC’s health and if he returns this week or not. I’ll be without my MVP, Brady. Definitely going to be tough, unless Burrows has an impressive game again.

Next up is Beantown Champs vs Russels Last Stand. Both are also 4-4 but are just outside of the top six playoff spots. The winner will, however, leapfrog the loser of my match due to having a better record. Both have been hit with injuries that has derailed their season somewhat. The fact that they’re still competing for a playoff spot is impressive, and a testament to their abilities.

Next up is the one I’m eagerly anticipating: Censored Clowns vs The Parrotheads. Both teams have flexed their skills to get to 5-3, and have shown plenty of fireworks offensively this year. A loss won’t knock one of them outside of the top six, but does improve the winners chance of getting one of the two byes if either Empire or LKA drop another game this week or the coming weeks after.

Injuries and player byes will be worth watching, as both can and will greatly impact the playoff race.

I may have stated/asked the question before but is it just me or is fantasy football become a game of pure luck? The scenario here is Derrick Henry teams were probably all dominating and with one stroke of bad luck everyone's great season is more than likely down the toilet. Meanwhile anybody could have started a guy named Mike White and killed it. Hell Justin Fields was a top 5 qb this week I believe.

The trick is not minding
It is based mostly on luck, based on health and performance of players. But some of that can be somewhat mitigated by how you draft in regards to depth and how well you perform on the waiver wire.
If you suffer a lot on injuries? Forget it. It’s tough to rebound from that. Been there.
Still, gotta love the wild swings of fortune in Fantasy Football!

Pure luck, no, but lots of luck, yes. That's why I'm usually agitating for some points-based standing changes and/or kicker removal. There are at least two huge structural elements of randomness (small rosters, injuries) and one elective but still mostly structural one (scheduling) without indulging additional smaller ones.

I don't think losing Henry ends someone's season, though. And there is still a major strategic component here in that some people put a lot more time into trying to find depth above all else. I find myself focusing on that more and more with each passing year.

The trick is not minding
Tragic news coming out involving Henry Ruggs last night. Arrested for DUI resulting in the death of another driver.
I can’t think of who has him off the top of my head, but he won’t be playing another down the rest of the season.

Rodgers is out for Sunday with Covid. Hope he recovers quickly. Bummer for my team though. Probably wouldn't have needed him this week anyway.

Hopefully Nagy saw how to properly use Fields last week. Doubt it. Coaches are stubborn animals.

The trick is not minding
Yeah, accidentally posted it on the baseball thread. That’s how tired I am.
Neighbors woke me up in the middle of the night.

Anyways, I have Rodgers in my other league, with Tannehill as my back up, so it might be ok.

Guess I spoke to soon on Thomas. Just when it appeared he was maybe gonna rejoin practice he declared he's done for the year. Bummer. There's a rumor floating around that Philip rivers may be getting a call to play for New Orleans. Man, that would have been sweet to have him for 6 or 7 weeks! Oh well Swing and a miss!

I am still on vacation - in Colorado for a week with my wife celebrating her birthday and our third wedding anniversary - so I didn't do my regular write-up for my weekly butt kicking, but at least I am now officially in twelfth place. Where I belong.

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Both Adam and I are awaiting the news on CmC’s possible return (not to mention how effective he might be) for very different reasons……

This is so dumb. My chances wre already slim to none this week. I have never seen so many injuries in a season before. This is absolutely nuts. My entire team is hurt. My backups are hurt. My third and fourth string guys all hurt already . We got guys making trades with hurt guys. This is just dumb.

The trick is not minding
That was actually a good trade. Sure, Henry is hurt, and sure, we don’t know for sure if he’ll return this season (likely he does) but Parrotheads didn’t give up too much for him and Claypool.
I made a similar trade with Spaulding last year when he took Goedert from me while still on the IR.
It worked out pretty well for both of us.

Guess we'll just have to disagree on whether it even was a good trade or not. You gotta admit tho... its bizarre thing to have to trade a guy away like that, yeah? I really don't care about the trade. My point is about injuries and this crazy place we all find ourselves in. 3 of the top performers from last week were rookies. That is not an indication of talent. That is just all some of these teams have left to play.

Anyway... I wanted to complain about pass interference calls at the goal line. These need to removed from the game. I am so tired of seeing QBs running around and just making bad throws or under throws and being bailed out by a P I call. The one I just saw in Baltimore is a great example. Ball was under thrown and the defender was in perfect position. But since the ball was under thrown, Jackson got bailed out because the receiver had to try to come back to the ball. Ridiculous...

Couple guys scoring some poi ts today so it makes the Tua thing even more aggravating. Why are NFL teams allowed to be so dishonest about injuries? I knew Tua was hurt but there was no indication that he was a gametime decision. If they were honest during the week, I probably would have kept Ryan in there. This sucks. I didn't really expect to be competitive this week but now that I am... The QB slot having a big fat ZERO is gonna affect my team. That's my breakdown. And I'm sticking to it.