No Time to Die

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I saw this. I have seen all of Daniel Craig's Bond films, and to me, this ranks somewhere in the middle. I think it was better than "Spectre" and "Quantum of Solace," but nowhere near as good as either "Casino Royale" or "Skyfall." Although I surprisingly didn't feel that the film dragged even though it is the longest James Bond movie in history, it still felt like not everything in it was necessary. The film could have been a good half an hour shorter and not lost anything, in my opinion.

This is a very different Bond film than they've ever made before, and I've seen most all of them, with the possible exception of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," the one and only George Lazenby film. It is much darker, much more somber, it is much more stripped down, and the action feels much more personal and much smaller in scope. I also felt like it was missing the humor and the fun element of the Bond movies that I typically enjoy, though I did enjoy Hans Zimmer's musical score. They also jettisoned both his womanizing and his excessive drinking, which felt noteworthy to me, and different than the other films in the series.

I think it wraps up Daniel Craig's arc well from a character perspective, but I think the serialized stories in many of the Craig Bond films were a little bit of a mistake. It constrained the story in ways that weren't present in the other Bond films. I found Rami Malek to be a very weak villain, but thought centering the story around the type of weapon they did felt timely and smart. I don't think the way they ended the film really made sense. They did something that they've never done before, and the rationale for doing so did not make much sense to me.

Overall, I thought it was a decent, though pretty unremarkable Bond film. I do like the series, so I'm looking forward to who they choose next, and the direction that man takes the character. I hope they bring the fun and lightness back to Bond.

I like Daniel Craig -Bond movie , The 1st two was better than last one. Casino royal is way spectacular...

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I like Daniel Craig -Bond movie , The 1st two was better than last one. Casino royal is way spectacular...
and quantum of solace that one is good aswell
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Jesus Christ. I liked Daniel Craig's Bond - Casino Royale and Skyfall were great. But I have issue with this stinker.

I don't even care about the black woman being the "new" Bond. (she's not - she was assigned the 007 code number after James left Mi6)

The sound editing is terrible. It almost felt like actors were mumbling their lines and the mixing with music and sound effects was terribly off.

The direction is fair at best. Lots of jump cut/shaky cam fight scenes. I must have gotten spoiled by the John Wick series because I hate shaky cam fights now. Every so often you get a good shot (sunset behind Bond, for example) but it's like the director was sleepwalking through half the production and every so often says "Hey - I have an idea... this'll look cool." Makes me long for Stanley Kubrick, who did that with EVERY shot and not just one every few minutes of screen time.

They had to be sure to include a gay character (Q, in this case). He's gay, he's not gay, I don't care. I like the character regardless. But it seemed like instead of expanding an already-interesting character they shoehorn Q into being a homosexual and it comes off like more of a joke than character development.

I love Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Ralph Fiennes is a BOSS as M, but like Q, it seemed like they were trying to expand upon his character by making him complicit in the biological weapon's design and manufacture. That doesn't make him more interesting as a character. It makes him an *******.

I love Rami Malek but he is criminally unused here. He doesn't even pop up until almost halfway through the movie. When he is onscreen, he gives painfully-written speeches and tries to make it sound like he and Bond are so very much alike. (they're not.) I don't blame Malek - he did the best he could with a **** script and directing.

Ultimately the problem is the script. It's hot garbage. Few, if any, memorable lines. Convoluted plot. Nanobots - deus ex machina. It would be more believable from a villain with a poisonous garden to make some sort of bioweapon instead, ala Moonraker. Rami is meant to be a master villain, but simply lets the little girl go after she has a minor temper tantrum and wants her woobie. Then James and the girl's mother find her two minutes later under a table. No suspense, no grandiose rescue - just, whoops! There she is!

It feels like the producers, writers, director, etc. are PUNISHING the character. I grew up on Moore's Bond - where he swung through the jungle doing a Tarzan yell, blew up a master villain with compressed air, swapped out a tarot reader's deck of cards to convince her to have sex with him, joked with a crowd while avoiding knife-wielding villains. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. This was dreary and sappy. Bond is being punished for being a womanizer by not only pining for a woman whose character was killed off a few years ago but now he can never be with his love interest because the nanobots in his system will kill her. Cry cry. In the Moore films alone, he has sex with an average of two women in EVERY MOVIE. IT'S WHAT THE CHARACTER DOES. You don't have to like it, but that's how he's written. And it's what fans want to see. They want the sexy, sexist, womanizing hunk of a spy to get laid. It's part of the fun of the series.

I've heard whispers of how to proceed with the next film. Hey - let's make Bond a black guy. Let's make Bond a gay guy. Well, why not go the whole nine and make him a transsexual half Asian half Spanish lesbian with a pet chihuahua named Bob and a penchant for Blue Hawaiis instead of Martinis and he drives a VW Thing instead of the Aston Martin. OR... OR you could make your OWN new character and stop trying to change this one. I WANT to see Bond smoke cigarettes, I want to see him drinking martinis, I want to hear the cheeky jokes and see the fun gadgets, and I want to see Bond having sex with the most beautiful women you can imagine. Maybe I'm alone in that, but based on the ratings and reception of No Time to Die it looks like I'm not. (for the record, I don't have an issue with a black Bond - Idris Elbe would have been perfect, he's just a little too old for it now)

I've heard Henry Cavill's name thrown around recently as the new Bond. I guess I could see it. My choice would be Matthew Lewis (yes - Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter movies) although Hiddleston would be a fine choice as well.

Grade: C-

Probably the worst of the Craig Bond movies.
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