MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


Looks like I need an historic performance from the Cowboys' DST tonight. Let Kevontae Turpin get a return TD and Micah Parson get a strip sack TD and I should be alright.
You shall not prevail.
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You shall not prevail.
Told ya!*

*but that got awfully close for a while

I would not have bet on myself this week, but somehow I made a good decision or two and Justin's team underperformed just enough! Winless no more! And I even settled into seventh place, momentarily atop of the league's losers. Playoffs, here I come?

My big decision this week was quarterback. Justin Herbert injured his ribs in Week 2 so all last week there was speculation about will he or won't he suit up. I began to fear that even if he started he either wouldn't be his usually effective self or worse was going to take a couple big hits and get knocked out of the game early. I decided to start my backup, Derek Carr, whose Raiders were going against The Titans. I would have happily taken a fiftyburger of course, but what I really needed was for him to simply make his projection in the low twenties. It was an ugly game (how many Raiders games aren't?), and though they blew their chance to send it to overtime with a two-point conversion Carr did get me 23.82 points (versus his 21.79 projection). As for Herbert, he did wind up playing the entire game in the loss to Jacksonville but was not himself with his lone TD sunk by an INT and a lost fumble. He managed only 14.58 Fantasy points. Hooray, me.

Christian Kirk continues to be my standout WR. He had another six catches and a TD in beating The Chargers. Deebo Samuel continues to do Deebo things even as horrible as San Francisco's prospects look. And I did finally give Baltimore's Devin Duvernay a start in my FLEX spot and he rewarded me with a touchdown.

Other than making the correct call at QB, the main reason I managed to win is because my big first round pick, King Derek Henry, had his first great-ish game of the season. He had 143 combined yards and a rushing TD for 22.80 Fantasy points. He had only totaled 8.20 and 8.50 the first two weeks. If he starts getting some multiple TD campaigns I may have a legit shot at competing.

I did make the wrong call in my second RB spot. Miami's Chase Edmonds had been such a massive disappointment the first two weeks I benched him in favor of Seattle's Rashaad Penny. Predictably Edmonds scored a pair of TDs for 15.20 points while Penny was pretty quiet with only 7.40 points. Carr may have saved my week but he could have made it even better and less stressful for me if he had included Darren Waller more as he had only three little receptions for 22 yards (3.70).

Justin's Josh Allen had an OK Fantasy day in that surprise loss in Miami, and lucky for me he missed that final pass at the goal line, but none of his other players made their projections. None. Which left the window open for me, and my squad awkwardly crawled right through it. Now I will look for Yoda's squad to all disappoint, please, see if I can limp to .500!

Holden puts more work and thought into his posts than anybody ever. Glad you have you in this league HP.

BTW, in my other league I DESTROYED my wife's team. I had the league's high score of the week, it was the blow-out of the week, and the victory moved me into first place.

I swear to God I was thinking the same quip but Yoda beat me to the punch lol!

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Gotta love the Yahoo advice on McCaffrey’s injury:

You are free to panic.

*Texts Chubba to make sure he is ready to go...*
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How many names have I had so far for my team? Im already thinking of another one.

The trick is not minding
I have Kamara in a different league. Before I went to bed last night, I checked his status and saw he was slatwd to play while Thomas and Winston were ruled out. Ok. Woke up to find he was ruled out around 5 am this morning.

Damn that London game and it’s time difference.

I'm in a nightmare scenario where I have two Cardinal receivers, one of which is finally coming back from injury, and it's impossible to say which cuts into whose workload, and the option I'd prefer to both of them is a game time decision tonight. Bleh.

The trick is not minding
I'm in a nightmare scenario where I have two Cardinal receivers, one of which is finally coming back from injury, and it's impossible to say which cuts into whose workload, and the option I'd prefer to both of them is a game time decision tonight. Bleh.
Tough call, but I think Dortch may be the right call.

Jalen Hurts is great. No doubt. He takes a few more shots like he just did on the goal line tho and he'll be without a head. Extremely difficult to play great football without a head.
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Nah, I'm used to it at this point. It's like that all across football these days. It was a great play call. He could have stopped and tied his shoes and still walked it in.

Oof, Jackson with like four red zone trips and one score to show for it. And Holden's got Tucker so it hurts both ways. That's how you lose a game.

The trick is not minding
...and Penny more than doubles his combined season point total pretty much all in the second half.
Penny is good for those kind of games every now and then. He’s pretty boom or bust with little in between.