MoFo Fantasy Football 2022 - The Season


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Made some adjustments to the roster this week, and so far, so good. My TE might still be terrible, but will know more after tonight. Won't matter much this week, thankfully.
"There’s absolutely no doubt you can be slightly better tomorrow than you are today." - JBP

The trick is not minding
Starting 0-2 isn’t ideal, but some of my players have had tough draws to begin the season (Brady, Ekeler), while others just haven’t lived up to expectations yet (Juju). And now I may be without Conor next week

Time to take a close look at my roster, because so far I haven’t been competitive.

"I Should have started the other guy!" Is a thing I say to myself too often. I gotta pay somebody to get me gooder at these decisions But not too much. I ain't rich or nothin
We are both the source of the problem and the solution, yet we do not see ourselves in this light...

I hemmed and hawed all week about who was my RB2. Luckily none of the waiver wire trash options I considered did a lick of anything.

That is some serious League parity we got goin' on, so far. Four teams are 2-0, four teams are 1-1, and four teams are 0-2.
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It was definitely a weird week full of upsets and improbable combacks in the NFL, which led to some lopsided Fantasy lines. Unfortunately for my squad, we were on the wrong side of those numbers.

Justin Herbert had another fine outing in the loss, nestling in at 29.46 points. But if not for an interception in the red zone he might have finished closer to 40. And they may have upset Kansas City. But as I said, if Herbert's ceiling is 29 I will take it, as long as that is his floor, too. Herbert is not my problem. Hopefully his banged up status clears quickly. Derek Carr is my backup, and one can do worse, but I need Herbert to be healthy if I am going to have any shot of turning things around.

Christian Kirk led my receiving corps again with six receptions and a pair of TDs in the absolute pounding of hapless Indianapolis. Deebo Samuel had another solid outing with 97 combined running and catching yards, but he failed to score in the 27-7 rout of Seattle and the game script kept him from getting many opportunities by the fourth quarter. But their 22.80 and 12.20 points were more than respectable.

Once again it was my RBs that sunk me. Miami had an historic and improbable late comeback against The Ravens, but Chase Edmonds did not have a very big part in it. Not surprisingly it was Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle who got the big, quick, dramatic scores but it was clear that two weeks in Raheem Mostert is going to be the favored back. If Mostert gets injured (which he has a history of) or Miami can play from way ahead instead of catching up, maybe Edmonds gets some Fantasy value again. But as of now, his 12-point projections seem very unlikely. I'll try Rashaad Penny for a while instead, and Week 3's opponent Atlanta may be just what he and the Seahawks need.

My main back and first pick, Derrek Henry, was once again pretty damn quiet. He did manage to score Tennessee's only TD in the MNF debacle in Buffalo, but he only had 25 yards on 13 carries and no receiving targets. The Titans need to get the heck out of New York State with opening losses to The Giants and in Buffalo. Hosting Las Vegas this week may be the balm they need. If King Henry can run for a hundred-some yards and a few TDs all will be forgiven, by this Fantasy owner. But The Titans sure don't look good, so far. Playing The Colts in two of their next four games could make them appear mighty again?

Speaking of the Vegas Raiders, Darren Waller had a good game before they gave it away late to Arizona. 50 yards and a TD I will take every week. Davante Adams is clearly going to get the majority of the targets, but Waller is their solid second choice and should yield some good-to-great lines. This week I started Hunter Renfrow in my FLEX spot. Not only did he not make his projection but his fumble ended the game in OT. Ugh.

I do have some good choices on the bench. Baltimore's Devin Duvernay had another good number, thanks to a 103-yard kickoff return, and I picked up The Jets' Corey Davis from the waiver wire and he had a TD for 15.30 points. When my opponent had Nick Chubb get him 30.80 points I needed my RBs to answer and they simply did not.

Oh, well.

I am playing my wife this week in my other league and the only player I had going in TNF was the Cleveland DEF. That fumble recovery in the end zone to finish the game made me very happy. Went from a score of 2 to 10. I sit at 63% to win going into the weekend.

Yikes! Herbert really doesn't look like he should be playing today. One more shot like he just took and hes gonna be done maybe for the year. Holy smokes, he just got CRUSHED!

Oh, it's gonna be another one of those seasons. I guess the Suck Fairy wasn't done with me after baseball. I feel so used.

Let the night air cool you off
Looks like I need an historic performance from the Cowboys' DST tonight. Let Kevontae Turpin get a return TD and Micah Parson get a strip sack TD and I should be alright.

A system of cells interlinked
Team did not do well this week, but looks like I will still win, as my opponent had an even worse week.

We're on to next week...

The trick is not minding
Spaulding did well considering he lost Thomas, Cook, and Montgomery yesterday during their respective games.

Hurts and Andrews made up the difference.