Should the next countdown be the 2010s?


Okay, so we've established that while there are no "rules" about what countdown or type of countdown comes next, we've generally settled into alternating between some kind of time-based countdown, and some kind of genre-based one.

We just did comedies, of course, and the last decade we did was the 2000s. A lot of people, therefore, have reasonably assumed the 2010s would be next.

Because I want to avoid doing two polls (the first being about the type of countdown to do next, and the second being which specific one to do next pending that first one) and dragging the process on too much, and because there might be something close to a consensus, I'll basically say this:

Let's take just a few days, a week at the absolute most, to discuss which countdown should be next, and to see if there's a significant objection to the idea of doing the 2010s next.

If after a few days/week (depending on response: if it's like 100% in favor a few days is sufficient, I think) people have all or nearly-all suggested they'd like to do the 2010s, then we'll start the process. If there's serious debate otherwise and/or a significant number of objections, we'll come up with a poll and give it a few weeks.

Have at it!

2010’s seems logical to me. Plus we already have the host lined up which seems like it was a bit of a struggle for the comedy.

I definitely think 2010s should be next. We have the host already lined up and several of us have already started preparing for it.

My 2010s shortlist is currently at 74 films.

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I'm for it. We've done two genre ones (is foreign a genre? Maybe not), so another decade one will mix things up nicely. Plus, it's an opportunity to give Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 its due.

Okay then. 16 replies and every single one for it. That just about settles it.

I'll give it until at least tomorrow and then we'll start the process.

The more time that passes between the end of the decade and a list is generally better, but I know folks are chomping at the bit for 2010s. The differences between the Millennium list and the recent 2000s list were very telling. I suspect it had much more to do with films marinading for more than a few years than a wildly different voting body.

There is a reason titles are not even eligible for the Sight & Sound Poll until they are at least a decade old.

But the tribe has spoken.

It may help for this particular decade that the pandemic gave so many of us lots and lots of extra time to catch up on viewing.
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I am late to the party, but I will add another vote for the 2010s!
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