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I myself hardly ever reread - I often have an idea that I would like to, just doesn't get it done.
I don't reread books often either - there are only a small handful of all-time favorites I've read twice. There are two books I've read three times, one is Slaughterhouse Five and the other one isn't.
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1001 Movies That Will Change Your Life - I've only read it in SF, on the airplane, and the many visits to the dentist, even while I'm on the chair. I need to start watching some.

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Fables vol 2

I started to read Fables shortly after finishing the Tell-Tale Wolf Among Us game, but it's slow going. I'm currently at volume 2, and so far it's nowhere near as interesting as volume 1 was, but I still want to see where the series goes from here.

Mortality - Christopher Hitchens

From the back cover: "Hitchens account of his ordeal battling esophageal cancer. It poignantly describes the torments of illness, discusses its taboos, and explores how disease transforms experience and changes our relationship to the world around us."
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Recently purchased some used copies of the Aubrey - Maturin (Master and Commander) series - the first 4 novels - by Patrick O'Brian.
I liked the movie so much, I thought I'd enjoy the books.

I read some reviews of the first novel "Master and Commander" and have to agree with some of the criticisms (luckily reviewers say the books improve as the series continues.) Here is a case where the movie was better than the book! Keep in mind that the movie is based on a couple of the novels, not just the first one. But the first book really has no plot! Stuff happens, there are battles and naval politics and you get a sense of the developing relationship between the Captain, the Dr. and the first mate, but there's really no plot or story line that builds. It's more like just the day to day occurrences of what happens aboard a ship. And even though the books were written in the 60's, they read like old English and are laden with never-ending nautical terms from the 19th century. Some reviewers say the first novel reads more like a text book than a fictional adventure.

Hoping the next three books are a bit more gripping (but I doubt I'll seek to collect the whole series).