Your 1st movie in cinema


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What is the first movie you remember seeing in a cinema?
My First was Shrek

I have no idea…

I remember watching The River Wild when I was 11 in theaters .. because the projectionist screwed up and played the last reel of film in the middle of the movie. One minute they were all friends, the next minute kevin bacon had a gun pointed at everyone.

That's the oldest memory off the top of my head.

The first Harry Potter I believe
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My parents owned a big station wagon when I was very young, and instead of getting a babysitter, they used to go to a drive-in movie with my sister and me. Us kids would sleep in the back of the car while my parents watched the movie.

The first movie that I have any memories of is Romeo and Juliet in 1968, so I would have been about two years old.

What is the first movie you remember seeing in a cinema?
My First was Shrek
Lol same here.

Although I'm not quite sure if there was a movie before that. But I defiantly remember watching Shrek at the theaters with my dad. EDIT: Scratch that, I know I saw a Fish Tale from 2000 so that came first... I remember being scared in the end and crying lol.

That's a strange movie for a 1st movie. How old were you?

If you were still a kid, I'm surprised that you ever wanted to go back to the theater and see another movie.
I was 2 when it came out. I'm not sure if I saw it then or on a re-release, but I know I saw it before The Omen.

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Hmmmm... I honestly can't say. The earliest that I remember is either Small Soldiers or The Mask of Zorro when I was 9, but I know for a fact I had been there beforehand.
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Muppets Treasure Island is what I remember but possibly something earlier.
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The first movie I remember going to the cinema to see was The Little Mermaid. It's possible that wasn't the first time I went to the cinema, I would have been about 8, which seems quite old for a first cinema trip. I remember seeing The Rescuers at the cinema, but it can't possibly have been when it came out, must have been a cinema showing older films for kids on a Saturday morning.

I'm pretty sure it was Home Alone. I remember talking to a guy on FB recently and we were discussing the theater where I watched because it had been torn down maybe around 2017. I'm assuming it was a newer theater in those days(90-91) because it had like 8 - 10 screens and the building was huge.