Nostalgic cartoon


Number Of Movies I've Seen In My Life : 950
Could someone help me with this.
It was a cartoon series i was watching when i was a kid..back in 1996-1998
I can only remember few things...
1. It was about a group of kids with some sort of golden-flying jet (fictional, some kind of eagle-shaped plane they flew around with.)
2. They had some keys to unlock a treasure later .
3. They fought all kind of creatures and civilizations.

4. And maybe im getting confused with the memory but the intro music was kind of similar to the music of "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation

Mysterious Cities of Gold, for sure! I loved that show as a kid!

Number Of Movies I've Seen In My Life : 950
Wow... I just saw the intro in You Tube... I almost felt a goosbumps... something like 10 years have passed... I saw it in Canada back then so i guess it was in french... maybe the song was different.. but definitely what i was looking for.... Thanks.