Please help me find a song from the African classic Touki Bouki!


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Hello everyone!
Just a few days ago, I watched the movie Touki Bouki, a 1973 african new wave movie that featured three or four songs that were really catchy and I could find them all except one. The one that I couldn't find was, I believe, the last song in the movie before it ends. It seemed, if I'm not mistaken, like one of those french psychedelic funk songs from the 70's. Can someone who owns the movie or knows it really well, tell what song is that? Thank You!

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Since I'm not sure which song you mean, what time during the movie does it play? Does it have lyrics or is it a jam?
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"Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog."
It's the one that starts at 1:25:33 more or less. I guess it's not really funk but a funkyish song

"Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog."
Yeah, I had stumbled upon that name to when I watched the movie but I also couldn't find anything. It's kind of weird that, if that really is the name of the song, it doesn't appear anywhere in the internet, at least when I google it. But thank you anyway!!

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Well, Wiki also says "the song is sung" and that music has no lyrics. So, they're probably wrong. Maybe it's just the film score, but I can't find anything about that either, and the director in an interview implied he didn't have a score composed for the movie.

just in case anybody finds this thread looking for the answer is

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canít post a url but copy and paste the title to youtube to find the track

Had that scene stuck in my head went searching for the song, great timing I guess thank you