Shaky cam alien movie


I watched a movie quite a few years ago that i was intrigued to watch again however I can't remember the name of it and would love some help if anyone knows.
Some of the key things I remember are:
It uses shaky cam a lot as if the movie were shot on a phone
It involves kids / teenagers trying to find pieces of alien tech
There is one scene distinct in my memory of a house party that the police are called to
I know its not much to go off but if anyone knows then that would be great, thanks

There is Super 8, a Spielberg movie, which involves kids making a home movie that captures an image of an alien escaping from a crashed train. One of the kids has a dad who’s a deputy with one scene where he shows up home with the police sitting around the family dinner table.

I don't think that's it, just cause i remember a lot of shaky cam, to the point where my mum had to leave the cinema due to motion sickeness, and from the trailer and clips it doesn't look like this contains much, or certainly not the same levels of, shaky cam that i remember

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Could it be Chronicle? The kids in that find a cave with a meteorite or something and it's definitely filmed in a "found footage" format.
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There’s also Cloverfield which is a “found video” about some young people (early 20’s) in New York City who capture video of them leaving the city following an attack by aliens. I don’t remember any alien tech they were trying to find. There were soldiers they interacted with at one point. They were at a party at the beginning, but I don’t remember cops being called to it.

Chronicle certainly seems to be filmed in the same way but i think the kids were pretty much just normal without any powers. the alien tech though might have had some weird flying abilities however idk if i'm remembering that correctly

Thanks for the suggestion of cloverfield but i already ruled that one out in my own looking for this movie, sorry for not clarifying earlier.

Could it be Project Almanac 2015. I know it's not alien tech but a machine his father built and about time travel.
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Try "Earth To Echo" 2015. Saw this a while back and sounds similar to your description.

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I think it's very likely this is Chronicle.
That is what immediately came to mind when I read the OP...

Here they are finding the alien tech in the cave....ring a bell?

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It's also really easy to mix up little details, particularly from a film like this, where the shakycam probably makes it look and feel like a lot of others.