FF7: Advent Children


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a new final fantasy move based i think 2 years after the events of ff7 the game.

Trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/gt_vault...k4_kikizo.html

there ya go.

btw, I CANT WAIT!!!!!!! AHHHHH
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In Japanese but pretty easy to navigate. Check it out.

i'm looking forward to this

My friend forced me to watch the trailer^_^. I haven't played the game (!!!!!!!), but the trailer looks MAJORLY cool!

Play the game, it's really good

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Yeahn FFVII is the best one IMO. Great story, great characters..I can't wait for this movie.
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don't forget best villain, Sephiroth kicked major arse, especially compared to Edea, and the other FF villains

so far I like the way this is gonna look, I hope they bring it out soon.

it's set for late '05, i think, send JRS a PM and find out

i also cant wait for this film, does anyone know if it ill hit theaters or will it be a straight to DVD type thing?

it's not going into theaters, i think it just gonna hit the internet, and maybe DVD

and BTW 500 posts baby, according to Yoda, i'm gonna be locked in at MoFo and highly unlikely to leave

Well, won't they have a subbed version on the net...maybe...since it'll go straight to Japan of course first.
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the much anticipated sequel to Square's top selling game Final Fantasy VII. The sequel however will not be in the form of a game [like Final Fantasy X-2], but instead as a CG movie.

The movie will run for somewhere between 70 and 80 minutes and will be released on DVD and UMD [for the Sony PSP]. It will feature a total of 20 characters, including the popular Cloud and Sephiroth, and is being developed by Square-Enix in conjunction with Visual Works.

It is expected to be released in Japan at the end of 2004, with a US release to follow shortly after [first quarter of 2005]. No word on a European or Australian release has been made as yet.

nice..well i hope its worth the wait..


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ive only read good things

sept14 i guess the date is
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I am kind of excited about this and kind of worried that it won't live up to the greatness of the game/stay true to the characters. (after the mess that was The Spirits Within, I don't want to get my hopes up).

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HI all,

What ever happened with this movie, did it come out yet??

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I'm really looking forward to this movie it looks awesome

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Me as well, it looks awsome, i just hope it doesnt end up like FFX-2, i personaly hated that, or like The Spirits Within, which i also hated.