RIP Bernard Hill


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Actor Bernard Hill, best known for roles in Titanic and Lord of the Rings, has died aged 79.
Did you know that in the 1980s movie PREDATOR the titular character was not originally portrayed by Kevin Peter Hall. It was in fact Jean-Claude Van Damme donning a much more insect inspired full body suit before he left the production which then led to the recasting and redesigning of the famous hunter.

Sad. And itís crazy cause just yesterday I was watching him in my rewatch of The Two TowersÖ

And I have fond memories of watching Titanic when I was young and I really like(d) him in that one too.

Can't imagine anybody else playing King Theoden in the LOTR movies. He was great in The Ghost and the Darkness as the doctor. Godspeed, Bernard.
"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

He became Theoden in LOTR. He did a great job of making King Theoden be real.

I just saw him tonight in the UK starring in The Responder (2024), Series 2.
Thereís a season 2?
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I really liked him there. He does have the right British gravitas and a sense of propriety.