Actors With Great Faces


My favorite Don Calfa role was in Return of the Living Dead where he was a mortician who lived near a medical building. His friend, played by Clu Gulager, had subdued and chopped up a dead body brought back to life by chemical gas. Gulager and a friend put the parts in a garbage bag and brought the bag to Don to borrow his cremation oven. When Calfa questioned as to what was in the bag (as it was moving), Gulager told him "Rabid weasels." Which Calfa was dubious about but burned the bag anyway. Calfa had a shock of solid white hair in the movie, and smoked a pipe and this helped to make him an enteresting character. Of course, those prominent eyes added to the effect of his curiosity. He was third-billed in the movie and ended up helping out throughout, and by the end was comforting a terrified girl as the zombies attacked. Another great scene is when he's talking to a reanimated corpse that had been long buried and was missing her lower half (yeah, the zombies talked). And he interrogates her with his big, curious and fearful eyes helping the scene immensely. Of course, it's all funny but played straight.

"Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley."

Dean Stockwell

I always wondered what happened to Dean's skin - in his later years his face looked very pock-marked.

Yet, he started as an adorable child actor...

And even as a young man was handsome with a relatively flawless complexion...

Maybe that lamp he used like a microphone in Blue Velvet (1986) burnt his face...

Whatever the case, there was only one word for Dean Stockwell... "Suave!"